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Getting our garden makeover completed just in time for our retirement. 

Garden makeovers can be challenging yet rewarding. Being a part of making your outdoor space the perfect place for you to sit back and relax is important… even more so when retirement is just around the corner. As we all know, retirement is a time for relaxing and enjoying the rest of your years, work free. So, who wants to be putting in the hours working away perfecting your garden? Not this family from Urmston.

We were approached by this family in Urmston who were redecorating their garden. Most of the work had been completed, including a new pond in the corner. However, when it came to the space around it, they were unsure of what they wanted to do. The family was looking for a low-maintenance option that would allow them to spend as little time looking after their garden and more time enjoying, with their retirement on the horizon. They contact the Cheshire Artificial Grass office and ask if there was any way we could help. 

We were more than happy to and had just the fake grass for their garden. We installed our Delamere 30mm pile grass into the space around the pond. Carefully cutting in to make sure it looked as natural as possible. This fake grass was the ideal solution for this family’s garden makeover. The drainage holes throughout the back and our base work meant that any spillages from the pond would drain immediately. Not to forget it’s natural green colour give the garden a healthy lawn finish, without all the hassle of mowing it. 

The family can now look forward to spending their retirement in the comfortable outdoors they called their garden!



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