Our Fake Lawn Made Life 10x Easier
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Cheadle Hulme

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Dunham 35mm

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Low Maintenance

Our fake lawn installation saved us from awkward corners to grass clippings everywhere. 

Maintaining your lawn can be difficult especially when you have decking running parallel to it. The lawn mower clips the edge of the decking, causing minor damage. Not to mention how impossible it is to remove all the grass clippings from the decking and paving when wet. The little things get stuck in every nook and cranny, but you don’t get them with a fake lawn.  

This family in Cheadle Hulme decided to make the switch to artificial grass. The grass was always difficult to mow around the edges where it met the decking and paving, and they were tired of cleaning up the decking and flags from mud and grass clippings. Their new fake lawn means they can put their feet up and relax without having to worry about mowing or de-weeding! 

The grass type installed was Dunham, our 35mm pile fake lawn. This was chosen for its low maintenance requirements, durability and resilience. As well as being suitable for a wide range of garden uses including domestic lawns, playgrounds and commercial sports pitches. This durable turf is able to withstand frequent use by both adults and children alike, with little sign of wear even after years of heavy usage by families with young children who love playing outside! 

The family are very happy with their new fake lawn which is easy to maintain thanks to its low maintenance requirements… meaning it can look good all year round without having to spend hours mowing or de-weeding! 



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