Our Balcony had Turned into a Slip and Slide.
Balcony covered with artificial grass.



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Our balcony was so slippery and quite lethal, something had to be done.

Balconies are perfect little pockets of outside without having to have a full garden. However, the flooring can be quite dangerous, especially in rainy British weather. This family from Wilmslow had a sizeable balcony that was covered in large, marble tiles. These tiles would become so slippery and quite deadly that the family couldn’t use it as much as they would have liked. They had thought about artificial grass for a while and would constantly be reminded of it when driving past our plastic cow on the side of the road. Till one day they decided to get in touch and see how we could help.

Artificial grass is known to provide grip under feet, to prevent slips and falls. This was the biggest selling point for this family, everything else was just a bonus. They decided to get our 42mm pile, Natural artificial grass installed. As it was onto a balcony, there was no need for all the base works so, the grass was just glued into place. The luscious, long, deep green pile transformed the space into a small paradise where the family can retreat to and relax, without a worry of falling.

Artificial grass covered Balcony.

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