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Active children need an Astroturf play area… and so do you! 

Your garden is a safe haven to allow your children’s imagination to run wild. They can run around till their heart’s content, and you don’t have to worry about their safety. However, there is only so much your garden can take. Endless ball games and explorers’ expeditions can leave your lawn looking tired, patchy and overall just a muddy mess. Not to mention how this then travels into the house!  

Well, enough was enough for this family in Altrincham. They were always looking for ways to make their garden more fun, but it was getting a little rough around the edges. With kids who wanted to play outside all the time, their lawn was getting worn out and needed a refresh. We suggested turning the garden into an astroturf play area which would keep the lawn clean, pristine and safe every playtime.  

To create the Astroturf play area we fitted Rode, our 25mm pile, super durable artificial grass. The c-shaped fibres bounce back regardless of how much footfall it sees. Making it perfect for these energetic kids. The border around the grass was also replaced so that the family could keep their flower beds around the perimeter of their new lawn. With this combination of features, they’ll be able to use the garden year-round – even during rainy periods! 

Now the children will wear out and not the grass! 

We’re so glad to hear that the family are enjoying their new garden! We love providing gardens that work for the whole family, and we’re so pleased you’ve been able to make this one such a success. 

Want an Astroturf play area for your children? Contact the team to be next! 



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