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Our ridiculously small garden without grass was the stuff of nightmares… but not for long. 

Some people are blessed with big gardens, and some are blessed with small ones. Tiny spaces made up of mostly flags with just enough space for a table and two chairs. Yet the idea of sitting outside for your morning coffee or nightcap is crushed by the dull grey aesthetic of the garden. Just like this family from New Mills who suffered a small garden without grass for many years. 

The family had a little patio area just off the drive, at the front of the house. The flags were getting on a bit… becoming uneven with cracks all over the place. This small garden without grass was dull and the lack of grass meant that it would get super slippery whenever it rained. Not the best when you are carrying in your weekly shop.


The family decided to extend the area slightly, to give the space more of a garden feel. They wanted to add a fence to separate the area from the drive and add a touch of artificial grass. In hope this would transform the space from a small garden without grass to their own private oasis… and that’s just what they got! Our team of artificial grass experts came and removed some of the paving flags and replaced them with our 30mm pile artificial grass, Arley. Giving the family a little patch of green to really brighten up the space and give it that homely, garden feel.  

Do you have a small garden without grass? Get in touch and changed that today!  



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