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Moving in can be a challenge in itself, but solving new build lawn problems adds an layer of stress.

When this family moved into their new build house in Chelford, they were excited to finally have a place to call home. But they quickly realized they were trapped inside—with their dog—and there was no garden to enjoy. Unfortunately, this family are not alone, most new builds have lawn problems.  

New build lawn problems

After complaining about the lack of outdoor space and drainage issues, our team visited the family to discuss how our artificial grass could help. New build lawns come with a lot of problems as they are just full of clay. This allows water to gather on the surface as it is unable to drain properly, leaving just a massive, muddy mess. 

To help the family get their garden back, our artificial grass experts installed a full drainage system, to help standing water distribute evenly. Then our Eaton 35mm pile height grass over the top, this was the perfect finish to the garden reconstruction. 

Drainage under artificial grass
Drainage for under artificial grass

Now, when it rains, the water drains freely through the garden. This allows for a space where the family and their dog can enjoy all year round! 

New build artificial grass installation
Artificial grass installation in a new build with lawn problems

Have you recently moved into a new build home where you want to make a start on the garden, but are stopped by the rain and the clay? Get in touch today and one of our team members will fill you in on how artificial grass can help you. 



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