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Our new artificial front lawn is the talk of the street, and we can’t believe the difference it has made.   

It’s a common problem in the UK: North-facing front lawns struggle to grow and can get very wet, mossy, and generally unappealing. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have a front garden to be proud of. We understand that it’s not easy for some people to keep their lawns looking good, especially those that are in the shade. That’s why we offer a wide range of artificial front lawns that don’t need the perfect conditions to look good. All it needs is an occasional brush every now and then.  

Take this family from Manchester as a prime example. The rest of their home looked the part, except for this one patch of grass in the front. Due to it being a north facing garden, the grass didn’t see enough sun to grow properly. Leaving the family with exposed muddy areas and lifeless grass. They wanted to switch their grass to an artificial front lawn, but they didn’t want it to look too fake. They also wanted something that would look good all year round, even in the winter months when their real grass wouldn’t thrive. 

We recommended Oakmere 35mm pile artificial grass and the family was thrilled with the results. Their new artificial front lawn now looks great all year round despite being in the shade. They now have the best front lawn on their street…  All their neighbours are jealous!  

If you’re struggling with a mossy, damp lawn stuck in the shade, consider switching to one of our luxury artificial grasses for that realistic look and feel. You can get back use of that small patch in your backyard that’s always in the shade of your shed or better yet—get rid of that shed all together as you won’t need a lawnmower anymore! 



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