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Dead Lawn

Our turf struggled to thrive, so we were on the hunt for a high-quality artificial grass alternative.  

We’re so glad we could help this customer in Cheadle get the lawn of their dreams! This homeowner in Cheadle was looking to recreate their outdoor space for their family, but they couldn’t find anything that worked for them. They had a north-facing garden with a lot of shade, so no matter how hard they tried, natural turf just wouldn’t grow. They wanted something that would be durable and look realistic—so we recommended our high-quality Delamere artificial grass. 

Delamere is a 30mm pile height artificial grass that can withstand all kinds of weather. It’s also 100% mud free, so if it rains or snows, you don’t have to worry about the ground getting muddy or too slippery. Perfect for your kids to play on it all year long! Our composite edging gives us the flexibility we need to keep our customers’ gardens looking as natural as possible no matter what shape lawn they have. 

We’re happy to report that this customer was extremely satisfied with their new garden! They told us how much they appreciate being able to enjoy their backyard even when it’s raining outside or too cold for them to go outside without jackets. And it still looks just as good as when it was installed… that the power of a high-quality artificial grass. 

Wanting to take back your garden? Take a look at our high-quality artificial grass range. 



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