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Back garden with artificial grass installed


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We had a Mud Bath in our Back Garden and it wasn’t a Relaxing One.

This family from Scholar Green had four lovely dogs who had turn the small patch of lawn they had into a mud bath. This wasn’t like the ones that you go to the spa for, instead of relaxing the family, it only caused them ten times more stress. There were constant muddy paw prints coming into the house, marking all the floors and the family has just had enough of spending their time mopping. They had a look online at what alternatives would be best and that’s where they came across our pet-friendly artificial lawns on our website. One enquiry form later and their problems were solved.


As the four furry friends were the main reason for the change in the garden, we recommended our 30mm pile artificial grass option, Delamere. With its C-shaped fibres and spring-back technology, the family would be able to accommodate the high volume of traffic as well as, have that perfect looking garden all year round. Our installation team went out and due to the size of the garden, they managed to make the family’s dreams a reality in just one day. Well-deserved high fives and paws all around!

Back garden with artificial grass installed

If you have given up on your back garden, get in touch with our team to see how we can help you fall back in love with your garden.



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