Inglefield Children’s Centre – A Safer Space to Play
Photo of Inglefield Children's Centre garden finished with artificial grass.



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The garden was the problem. It wasn’t accessible and just needed to be safer for the children. 

Inglefield Children’s Centre is a perfect retreat that provides day care, overnight care and short breaks for children and young people with disabilities, complex behaviours, and health care needs. The centre tries to mimic a home away from home to make it as calming and enjoyable as possible. At Inglefield Children’s Centre, they know that the garden can be a place of fun and relaxation for all ages. However, they were finding that the garden was becoming a problem for staff and residents. 

Even though the garden was designed with the best intentions, there were some issues that needed to be addressed. The garden was becoming increasingly inaccessible (especially in wheelchairs), due to its levels and often flooded throughout the year. This meant that the garden was unusable during most of the year, leaving the children without a safe place to play outside. 

Photo of the garden before, unsafe and covered in leaves,

That’s where we came in! We worked with Inglefield Children’s Centre to make all these changes—and more—to truly make this garden the perfect place for their visitors. We levelled the area using our Kingsley 25mm pile height artificial grass. Which has allowed wheelchairs and walking aids to smoothly go from patio to grass, without any issues. All whilst keeping the sensory aspect and still feeling like real grass! Plus, we managed to cut our grass around the trampoline, so that kids can still play on it and have fun!  

Photo of the garden finished with artificial grass making it a safer space for the children.

We enjoy projects like this to see the result, helping communities however we can! Do you have a project that needs to be weatherproof all year long? If so, get in contact today!



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