Family Time is the Most Important Time.

Big family garden installed with artificial grass.



Grass Choice


Area Size


Main Reason for AG


Our family time is worry-free now we have our artificial grass.

Kids and a busy schedule can be hard on families, there aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes. What makes it worse is not having the space to spend that quality time together, safely. All children want to do is explore and go on adventures and where else is better to do this than in the garden. But the garden can a scary place with harder surfaces and open spaces that our eyes can’t always be on. This family from Hale had these worries and with a large garden, it was impossible to relax and enjoy the time together.

Artificial grass is great for kids and contrary to popular belief, they love it. As parents you should too, that is what this family discovered after their initial consultation with our team. They found that artificial grass offers grip to prevent trips and falls throughout playtime and a softer surface than most. Their choice of grass was the thickest and softest on in the range, our Natural 42mm pile. This has allowed them to focus on that important quality time with the children and made family times in the garden memorable for all the best reasons.

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