Extra-long gardens call for Expert installers
Long thin artificial grass garden with a bush on the right



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An oddly long garden is something we don’t come across every day. That doesn’t mean we aren’t equipped to do the job to the same standard as all of our other install. In addition to being such a long garden, to access this garden we had to go through two of their neighbours gardens. All this made this job more challenging. As always, we were up to the challenge’s.

This garden was 4.5mx36m In total, the area that we covered in artificial grass was 162 square meters. This garden also  still had a small patio on either side. You could get a pretty good workout in doing a few laps of this one. Anyway, let’s take a look at the process of installing artificial grass on a really long garden such as this one in Urmston. Additionally, half the garden was already artificial, but this needed lifting up.

A long garden install process


A long with (pardon the pun) this being a really long garden. There was also lots of trees and bushes that were overgrown that we needed to remove before we could get anything else done. Additionally, This garden was also home to some previously installed artificial grass covering the garden that also had to be removed.

SO that’s where we started. We Got to work removing the tree and bush that was getting in the way of our work. After that, we had to get rid of the old artificial grass ad all of the old sub layer and turf that was already in the garden. This wasn’t too bad, and all just went in the skip to be properly disposed of.

Now we get to edging and the base works. Being long and thin, we needed a lot of full pieces of composite and timber edging. Additionally, we needed to use composite as for certain parts of the garden, because had to curve our way around some plants, and you can’t do that using a timber edge.

After that, it was our normal install process the rest of the way, including 2 joins using roughly 42m of tape.




How good does this look. This install of Oakmere 35mm has given this garden a new life and meaning. This family will now be able to use there garden year round and their dog loves it too.



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