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This job presented a few challenges along the way. That didn’t stop our team from doing an amazing job with the installation and overcoming all the challenges that faced them. This job was also unique as we had a small area of the garden to build a putting green, to the side of their shed. They wanted to keep a natural lawn in the garden

The first challenge arose before we even got to the installation. When Danny went to survey the area, he noticed a large pile of concrete that had just been left by another company, which had just fitted a new patio. Luckily the patio was installed first as their grass would have been ruined.


Let’s get into this artificial putting green installation…

… Before the dig off, we had to sort out the mess of concrete. We don’t mind fixing other people’s work, but it’s an unnecessary cost to the customer. Anyway, once that was all sorted, we got down to business. We created a perimeter out of sleepers.

Now we can proceed with our usual dig-off, edging, MOT, and grit sand down. However, as mentioned this is a putting green and not our normal grass install, so we need to place holes in the area. This space was a small rectangle, so we had one hole at each end. To give a nice putting area for these two avid golfers. Before the membrane is placed, we spray out the area we want to be the putting grass and what we want to be the fringe (as discussed with the customer) to make sure it will look good and fit nicely.

From here we install our weed-proof membrane. This step is essential to ensure that no weeds will ever come through ruining this area (and every other area we do). After the membrane is laid, the golf grass is placed on top and the area for the holes is cut out. Next, we secure the golf grass 14mm down. From here the fringe (rough) is placed and the golf grass and the fringe of choice are glued together using grass glue. To finish this install, all that needs to be done is secure the fringe to the timber edging and we are done.

After 24 hours to make sure the glue is fully set, this putting green is ready for use. Let’s hope this putting green will help this customer’s short game. If you are interested in getting your own putting green installed read about our custom putting greens. They can be as big or as small as you like and custom-designed to any specification that you desire.







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