Buy cheap buy twice – Why cheaper isn’t always better
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If you go cheap, you’ll regret it

Fixing mistakes is part of the job when you are the highest rated company in the area. This is a story about a recent install, but also why if you buy cheap you buy twice. When it comes to your garden take this customer story as a lesson on why our quotes may come out a little more than others.

We won’t mention names, but on this easy grass install, nothing should have gone wrong. We quoted along with another company. We came out £400 more expensive so naturally this customer chose to save a bit and go with a competitor to save some money. This turned out to be a catastrophic mistake for him.

However this happens, and we moved on. What surprised us, was a few months later, this customer called us up about how this job had been done terrible, and was already in a stat with the joins, no edging or screwing down and lifting at the edges etc. Overall, this was a terrible job.

These installs should last 10 years, not 10 days. Anyway, we went out to see the damage. It turns out, we need to rip out the whole install, we wouldn’t be able to just “fix it”. This will cost a lot to start with.

No we had to go back and quote again as the job was going to be different as some of the prep had already been sorted, so we could use this to help on the price. Due to the nature and us needing to redo the other companies base, we were only able to get the price down so much.

Even with that this install (his 2nd go) came to £7,100 (remember, he’s already paid to have this done a mere moth before). Now this means his £7,500 job ended up costing him a total of £14,200.

Our installation

This job was not a huge area. It totalled 80 sqm, but he wanted a putting green. This automatically makes it a more expensive job. The price above was as cheap as we could do it with small margins as we wanted to help him out.

This install was a similar process to all our other (apart from we had atrocious weather. The only difference, was instead of removing turf, we had to remove the previously installed base. From that point forward, it was our usual install method (with a golf twist). Once the edging is done, we set the holes in the ground and then build up the base around them.

From here, we place the membrane (Obviously cutting out where the holes are. From here, we place the grass down like normal, cutting an area where the holes are for the golf grass to be fitted. We then join the golf grass to the normal artificial grass. This process is the same as doing joins, we use tape and glue then stick the fringe and the golf grass parallel creating a beautiful putting green.

Conclusion – Don’t always go with the cheaper option

As you have just read, saving a couple hundred pounds in the beginning, may result in you spending thousands more. Not just for artificial grass, but with whatever you are getting done. Always ensure to check a company’s reputation. If this customer did, he would have noticed our large amount of 5 star reviews (over 200 across Instagram and Google) compared to only a handful for the other company.

Not only the reviews, but the time in business. Cheshire Artificial Grass has been alive since January 2016 and is ran by someone with over 25+ years in the industry. Having been around for so long, and going stronger than ever, you can trust we don’t get beaten on quality… Ever.



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