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This job was not the same as our typical garden installations. For this job, we were tasked with creating an amazing, usable space from of an overgrown mess at a petrol station in Offerton.  This BP station wanted an area created where their staff could relax and people could sit while their car charges, or they just need a break from driving.

Just look at this before…

BP area before overgrown

This area was in dire need of a fix-up, so the owners reached out to Cheshire Artificial Grass as we had worked with the family in the past. As always we were up for the challenge of making this space useable again, for staff and customers alike.

The team had their work cut out with this one, this space was completely unusable and needed a complete makeover. One of our teams, Ryan and Curtis were on this one, and just wait till you see the completed area.

In just three and a half days, this overgrown mess was transformed into a luxury artificial area, that is now ready to use. It will now require far less maintenance, meaning it can be enjoyed without the stress or cost of maintenance.

The team also had to be careful with the removal of trees and overgrowth. Due to there being electric car charging points nearby. It would be bad news if we were to cut through one of those! So extra precautions had to be taken at this stage to prevent any problems from occurring and ensure the team’s safety whilst working near ground cables.

Here is the much-awaited after shot…

BP area after completion


Just look at how much better this looks! The artificial grass installation will make the petrol station look nicer and more appealing as a whole.

After ripping out all the overgrowth and leveling out the land, Ryan and Curtis proceeded with our usual install process; Edging, MOT stone, Limestone Dust, a weed suppressant membrane and then laying and securing the artificial grass on top. All before power brushing it to make it stand up and look beautiful.

Now this area can be used whenever we have nice weather for their staff to take their breaks and have a safe outdoor space for them to go. They are also going to be getting benches on here. This means while charging your electric vehicle you don’t have to wait around in your car. You can get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

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