We got artificial grass for our patio and haven’t looked back since!
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Have You Thought About Artificial Grass for Your Patio? 

Patios are one of the most common garden features in the UK. From retro Battenberg flags to the sophisticated porcelain tiles we see today, its more than likely you have been in a garden with them. They are great at providing structure and stability to allow you to use that space for furniture or BBQ’s. However, this doesn’t always last. Over time paving flags can start to become uneven and weeds grown through the gaps. Making your garden go from fab to drab. I bet you hadn’t considered that you could put some artificial grass over that ugly patio, and create a beautiful garden that can be used year round! 

This family from Macclesfield was soon to find out! After struggling for many years now with their large, patio. This family decided that they were done, and needed a solution. No more did they want to go outside and be greeted with pesky, weeds and an uneven surface beneath their feet, along with a joyous grey colour. Taking to the Google, the family searched for possible alternatives. They didn’t know what they wanted, but after stumbling across us, they knew exactly what to do.

They promptly got in touch and we sent someone out to survey the area and give a quote. Being happy with the quote, the family secured their place by paying their 25% deposit. Now all they had to do was leave it to us. In a matter of weeks we would transform their ugly patio are and create an outdoor haven to be enjoyed for years to come. See below for the transformation.

We were happy to help the family reclaim their garden and fall back in love with it. To do this we removed and disposed of all the flags and concrete that was currently down. Following that, we got on with our tried and tested base work method. This consisted of filling the timber edge area with MOT stone and limestone grit sand to achieve a porous yet level base… unlike those uneven paving flags. Once this was finished, we fitted the geotextile weed-proof membrane to make sure none of those pesky weeds reappear and then our 35mm pile artificial grass. It’s wonderful what artificial grass can do for patios… this family could not even recognise their own garden.

It is safe to say that once again, we have helped another family get their dream garden. We love to see the faces of all our customers when they first lay eyes on their garden. This family were no different, and now they have a great artificial space that they are able to use year round, without any mess.

Do you need some artificial grass for your patio area? Contact our team and we can talk to you about your options.  



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