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Artificial Grass Driving Range Installation at a Brand New, Golfing Experience. 

At the end of 2020, The Beeches Golf driving range came to Knutsford. With indoor and outdoor bays, as well as a cafe, the driving range allows for the community to practice their swing and spend time with like-minded people.  

In May 2022, we revisited the driving range to do a bit of maintenance and make some further artificial grass improvements. This time we were able to help extend their café with a beautiful outdoor seating area, allowing happy customers to soak up some British sun while discussing top golfing tips.  

We are proud to say that we had the pleasure of being involved in creating this ultimate golfing experience.   

The Story 

Artificial Grass and golf go hand in hand. Many modern-day, driving ranges and golf courses use artificial grass instead of real grass. It supplies the same conditions for play yet takes far less time and dedication to maintain it properly. Brian Coutts, the owner of The Beeches Golf built the driving range from scratch and wanted to implore the best solutions considering the conditions. Prior to becoming a driving range, the land was used as a farm and as such, the land had seen a lot of wear and tear. To repurpose this land organically would have taken a lot of time, especially to restore it to a standard that would be needed for its new purpose. Using artificial grass meant that building the best possible driving range could be done in half the time and would save on the cost of having to maintain the grass. 

Brain was an existing customer of ours and had bought artificial turf from us in the past. He had seen the putting greens we have completed in gardens and asked us to help him for the new driving range.  

The second time we visited, popularity had grown. The cafe was becoming an avid meeting point for both golfers and locals, and with it being the beginning of summer they decided that they wanted to utilise this popularity and expand the cafe area with an outdoor seating area. 

The Process  

We worked closely with Brain to execute the installation to the highest standard and offer our thoughts on what would be most beneficial; keeping the customers vision in mind to ensure we achieved the desired artificial grass driving range and outdoor seating area for the client. 

The Driving Range 

This installation was slightly different from our typical installation process as there were no base works to complete. Once we arrived on site, construction was well on its way. The veranda had been built to provide shelter for the driving range bays. This would protect the customers from the elements so they can put all their focus into their swing. Our job was to install our 25mm pile Kingsley P.U. to the flooring where the bays would be situated. Kingsley P.U. was the perfect choice due to its hardwearing, C-shaped fibres and spring-back technology. This would allow for heavy foot traffic and consistency with all customers’ use. 

The flooring was comprised of a concrete base which had some timber edging at the front. Even though the bay was uncovered there was still a chance of them getting rained on. Because of this, we wanted to make sure that water would still be able to drain through, to prevent any stagnant water sitting on the grass. We decided that the best approach would be to drill drainage holes into the concrete, to allow for water to flow down and into the ground below, supplying the best conditions for use all year round.  

To secure the grass to the flooring, our team of experts screwed the artificial grass into the timber edging at the front, then by pulling it tight, drilled around the edges into the concrete. This would provide a flat and secure surface that would be able to withstand hours upon hours of golf. We did this for a whopping 250sqm of grass… now that’s one big artificial grass driving range!

Photo of the outside of the beeches artificial grass driving range.

Photo of the inside of the beeches golf driving range.

The Outdoor Seating Area 

For the outdoor seating area, we did what we like to call “part installation”. They had already started the base works by installing the treated timber edging and filling the area with MOT stone. Our job was to finish this off, making sure the area was compact and porous. We did this by using a whacker plate on the MOT stone, this created a level surface. Then we added 25mm of limestone grit sand. This sand is perfect to allow drainage to happen, yet its course and doesn’t hold as much liquid as building sand.  

Once the base work was completed, it was then the task of making sure that the grass was protecting from any unwanted weeds. For this we use our specially designed, geotextile weed proof membrane. This works by acting as a protective barrier against any weeds trying to grow from below, or any surface weeds trying to embed themselves into the grass. Keeping the artificial turf weed free and atheistically pleasing all year round.  

For the artificial grass, we used the same Kingsley P.U. 25mm pile grass for the outside area. Similar reasons why, as its super durable and with many people walking on it daily it was important to keep it looking good all year round. The short pile allows for easier maintenance in case anyone drops any food onto the grass. The artificial lawn was secured by screwing into the timber edging which give a long-lasting finish. 

Unlike our typical garden installation, this outdoor seating area was going to see a lot more use. Therefore, we decided to install a sand infill to add extra stability to the grass… making it look fresher for a lot longer. This works by adding more support between the fibres to help them give them strength bounce back up once stepped upon.  

Photo of the seating area of a cafe with artificial grass installed.

Photo of a close up with a picnic table on artificial grass.

The Benefits  

Artificial grass comes with many benefits for gardens, school and big busy establishments like The Beeches Golf. Here are some of the key benefits that our fake grass will have for this business: 

  • Less time spent maintaining – To get real grass up to standard for golf take a lot of time and effort all year round. With artificial grass, t! For The Beeches Golf, they won’t have to employ anyone to do this, saving time and money.  
  • No mud no mess – As we all know, grass need soil to grow. Well, this isn’t the case with artificial grass, making it less stress for those using the cause and making sure it stayed clean. 
  • Its consistent – Consistency is key when it comes to golf. It allows the user to compare each swing against the other and therefore improve. With artificial grass being a resilient product, it doesn’t wear down after each use… making it perfect swing after swing.   
  • Hard wearing – Its stronger and more durable than normal grass giving it a large lifespan which makes it a good investment for commercial uses.  
  • It’s inviting – As its identical to its natural counterpart, artificial grass make you feel like you are still in nature without the dirt. In the dining area, it still gives customer the atmosphere of a picnic vibe. For the driving range it’s makes the range feel as close to a real golf course as possible.  Photo of the driving range.

If you are a commercial business and want to know how to spice it up with artificial grass then contact our team, we will be happy to help!



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