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We got an easy lawn as a little bit of gardening is fun, however, we didn’t want it to take over our life. 

Gardening has been one of the UK’s favourite pastimes for many years. We all like to think of ourselves as having a green thumb but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s when the pastime becomes a chore! A never-ending amount of mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes and tending to the plants all to keep your garden looking good. Well, we have a way to take the edge off… an easy lawn installation. 

This family from Macclesfield was struggling to stay on top of their large garden. Whilst they did enjoy gardening, all the plants, bushes and lawn were taking up too much time. They didn’t want their garden to suffer so they decided to look at ways their list could be reduced. This is where they came to the conclusion that an easy lawn would reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep their garden looking good.  

For this installation, the family chose our luxurious 35mm artificial grass, Oakmere. The perfect example of an easy lawn that embodies all the good parts of your real lawn… with a lot less work. The family wanted to keep the plants and bushes that border the grass as they still wanted to do the fun bits of gardening. Now, they can spend as much time focusing on what they enjoy doing without it becoming an overwhelming chore.  

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