An Astroturf Lawn Solved Our Garden Troubles
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With our Astroturf lawn, the kids can play out whatever the weather.  

We recently completed a family garden in Macclesfield. The customer had a small back garden that was getting mossy and overgrown, with little time for maintaining the area was becoming unusable for the children. With such a little space to start with, they also decided they wanted to get rid of the lawn mower all together. The family switched to one of our shorter family grasses this was the best decision for them. The new neat Astroturf lawn created a safe and clean area for the kids to play. The trampoline and swing will no longer create bare patches in the lawn and the kids won’t come in with muddy feet. They can now freely run in and out of the house without having to clean up constantly! 

The astroturf lawn is made up of Chatsworth 28mm pile grass, this is because the family wanted something that looked natural. Other options like concrete or tarmac areas weren’t suited to the family’s need. This were too tough and not natural in look at all. An Astroturf lawn is hard wearing like tarmac but also soft enough so as not to cause any damage when the kids play on top of it. The result is a great looking lawn that has been installed professionally by our team here at Cheshire Artificial Grass and another happy family.  



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