All the Football Fun Took its Toll on my Garden.
Football garden with artificial grass.



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All those goals had made so many holes in my lawn, but not for long!

Football isn’t just a game to some, it a lifestyle! When your children feel this way, it can be hard to keep your garden well looking like a garden. Footballs flying around, sliding tackles and not to mention all those goal celebrations, can take its toll on your lawn. That’s how this family from Wilmslow was feeling, their kids were football crazy and would always be having a kick about in the garden. This had led to the family’s garden just becoming a muddy mess with barely any grass yet. As artificial grass is used in the professional football world, the family thought it might be good to investigate if it was possible to get it in your own back yard. That’s when they found us, and we were happy to help.

After discussions with our team members and a site survey, the family had decided to go with an installation of 30mm pile grass, Delamere. This grass is ideal for active families, with its C-shape yarn, it is tenaciously durable and can withstand hours upon hours of keepie uppies’s. With this artificial grass makeover, the parents get the picturesque garden they desire but still have the safe space for the children to play in whenever they like, everyone is a winner!

A well-used lawn never looks great, get in touch with our team to have an artificial lawn that will keep up with your family!



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