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This customer had a lot of land to play with and wanted to create something he could use all year round. As an avid golfer he thought getting a putting green installed would be perfect for making his land useable all year round. He enquired and we quickly went out and knew we could create something special for him.

That’s exactly what we did. We created a 77sqm putting green consisting of 3 holes. Having this in his garden will provide a great training green for him to practice both long a short puts. In addition, this customer installed a bunker top help practice chipping onto the green. He will definitely be impressing the people round the club, not only with his game, but his garden too.

The putting green install:

First of all, Dave and Harry, the team on this job. Measured out the area. As this is just a cut out in the field and not a full area, we made sure to cut out a good sized area for the install and it was all measured correctly. From here we went through our usual install method for the base works for golf. This includes setting the holes where they are meant to be and setting them in place.

Now we were to place the membrane remembering to cut out the holes. After this, we are on to the installation of the grass. For this job, the fringe was a bit smaller than usual, mainly to catch the ball from rolling into the field.

The fringe we usually do is a bit wider, but it wasn’t needed for this job, and you’ll see it looks just as good and super sleek and clean. Then we cut and placed the 14mm golf grass ensuring it fit inside the fringe perfectly. Once we were happy it fit, we proceeded to join the golf grass to the fringe grass in this case Natural 42mm.

Now we are pretty much to the end of this install, we just had to get the customer out to have a look at the area and check if he is happy with the install. Surprise suprise, he was extremely happy with what the lads have done with his unused area. Now he can practice his game year round. You’ll see him on the PGA tour soon I’m sure.

If you like the look of this install, check out some of our other golf installs as we have done so many and have lots of happy customers. Golf not for you? Not to worry, we install all types of artificial grass whether it be a football pitch, MUGA, or just a low maintenance option for a residential garden.

Additionally, if you are looking to get your own putting green installed whether it be domestic or commercial. We provide and fit everything ourselves. That means cups flags and hole covers. You won’t need to source anything and it’s all included within the cost. This also means if anything were to happen, we can replace them for you at a great and competitive price.

Finally, he flags are also very durable. We have a small putting area in our show garden in Chalford, and we have two flags permanently out there. Since being installed, the flags still look as good as new and haven’t seen any discoloration or wear. The show garden is also next to a busy farm road, so you can imagine the spray from the cars would ruin them, but they haven’t.



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