Desperate for a Mud Free, Dog Friendly Garden Surface
Photo of a garden using artificial grass, a mud free, dog friendly garden surface.



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Their cute yet chaotic dog had turned the garden into a mud bath. It was time for a dog friendly garden surface to give them back their garden. 

As time has gone on, many more of us are gaining new furry, four legged members to the family. Their adorable little faces look at you as though that butter wouldn’t melt. Makes you think what could go wrong! Well, this family from Sale found out the hard way. A few months after the adoption of their energetic pooch, their luscious lawn had turned into a swamp. The family decided that the time was now right to install artificial grass and we were happy to help. 

Photo of a back garden where the grass has disappeared and the garden has become a muddy mess.
Photo of the artificial grass installation process where the grass is removed and edging has been put in.

They got in touch with the team at Cheshire Artificial Grass to discuss options to save their garden. They were looking for a dog friendly garden surface which would keep the look and feel of their garden. After a month of discussions, they decided to bite the bullet and get artificial grass. This gave them the best of both worlds, a dog friendly garden surface that looked like real grass that the whole family could enjoy together. Alderley 40mm was one of our most popular options last year and we were delighted to see another one of our customers opt for it recently. Now their 72sqm lawn has been revived and the dog can play till their little heart’s content.  

Photo of a garden with artificial grass, the ultimate dog friendly garden surface.

Has your dog made a mess of your garden? Get your hands on the only green, dog friendly garden surface by contacting our team.



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