A Little Birdie Told us that Golf Gardens are in!
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A little birdie told us golf gardens are in!

Conventional is out and the exceptional is in. Who says that gardens need to look a certain way, like our homes, They are an expression of ourselves and no two people are the same. Take this family from Urmston for example, they were bored of the same old garden, where all you could do was sit around and relax. They were active people who enjoyed spending their time doing something. Their favourite thing to do was play golf, and that’s when they had their lightbulb moment. Why not transform the garden into a putting paradise, where they could play till their heart is content?

The family got in touch with us after seeing some of our bespoke putting green designs and wanted to see how we could bring their vision to life. They wanted the whole garden changing, with four flagged holes to provide a variety of putting potential. The main area used our 14mm pile golf grass which had a 35mm pile artificial grass fringe to stop the ball rolling off into the bushes. The distinctive shape worked out perfectly in create a bespoke golf area that the family will never get bored of. In fact, they loved it that much that they told all their family and friends about us.

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