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Home Improvement

We wanted luxury artificial grass to complement our contemporary garden design. 

Gardens are an extension of our homes. Whatever we do on to the inside… It’s only right to repeat that on the outside. This is what can really make a house a home and get the neighbors talking. Many people over the last few years have come to this conclusion and have started redecorating their gardens to match the theme within their homes. But what if you want to make your garden boujee? Well, we have the ultimate, luxury artificial grass for you. 

This family from Wilmslow recently started a garden transformation which saw them bring their class and style to the garden. Throughout their home, there was a classic minimalistic feel which was reflected in modern furnishings and dark floorings. To extend this to the garden they had black porcelain paving laid by the back door. Perfect for hosting BBQs, but something was missing. 

Unfortunately, when the paving was being laid, their grass got ruined. Leaving the family with a large bare space where the lawn used to be. For this family in Wilmslow, our 42mm pile, of luxury artificial grass, Natural was a no brainer. This gave the garden a deep natural green which complimented the black porcelain beautifully. With the added bonus of no mud, the family couldn’t wait to invite their family and friends around to show off their home and garden. 

Are you after some luxury artificial grass to finish your garden? Contact our team to get some free samples. 



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