Tim Collier


After working in the civils/construction industry for 18 years, I started working for Pentagon Play building and installing kids playgrounds.

I gained valuable experience in all aspects of playground construction and then after 10 years’ service I moved to sister company Cheshire Artificial Grass to run this business and develop the residential side further.

I am a family man with two daughters, who both love sport and I tend to spend my weekends driving my daughters to and from sporting venues.

We have a great team within the Pentagon group and Cheshire Artificial Grass is constantly growing and developing.

We always aim to offer good honest advice and provide a solid, reliable service to our customers.

Jordan Rimmer

Operations Manager

I joined Cheshire Artificial Grass in 2016 after graduating from the University of Manchester with a Geology and Geography Degree. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at university but decided that the city life is not for me! Being based out in the sticks, joining CAG brought me back home in the heart of Cheshire.

My role as the Operations Manager is to organise and manage our installations to make sure we give you the best service possible. I am also responsible for bookkeeping, stock management and the day to day running of the business. I enjoy the challenges that a growing business brings, taking on responsibility and managing a larger team.

I love having a role in CAG that lets me get involved with every aspect of the business and I hope to help the business prosper in the years to come.

I have always enjoyed sports and whilst at university discovered rock climbing and haven’t stopped since! Before joining CAG, I would never have thought of getting artificial grass but now that I have it I’ll never go back!

Stephanie Jackson

Business Support Manager

I joined Cheshire Artificial Grass at the beginning of 2018 and thoroughly enjoy my role as the Business Support Manager.

In the short time that I have been here, I have grown to love good artificial grass and can see the true quality of our products. On this note, I now hate bad artificial grass which I see in gardens installed by rouge companies that are no way near the same quality as ours. This makes me proud to work for such a fantastic company that provides homes with the best artificial grass and service.

My duties include managing the sales diary, handling incoming enquiries, visiting customers to understand their needs during the quotation stage and social media marketing.

I am a massive animal lover and love coming home to my adorable pets. During most weekends, you’ll find me supporting my partner’s son during his football games… I’m his number one fan.

Daniel Latham

Daniel Latham

Sales Manager

After many years selling climbing frames to the people of Cheshire, I fancied a change.

I love selling, so to have the opportunity to sell such a high quality product for a well established company was an easy decision for me to join Cheshire Artificial Grass.

As a salesperson, I have certain beliefs in how customers should be guided through a sale, right up to the salepoint and after – it is important for me to build up a good relationship with the customer and help them through the process and beyond.

This company certainly follow this ethos and as a result offer the highest degree of service.

Cheshire Artificial Grass Installer

Andy Crossley

Artificial Grass Installer

I have been a part of the Cheshire Artificial Grass Install team since it’s inception in 1998.

Being an expert in gardening and landscaping myself, I know the quality of the products at Cheshire Artificial Grass are unrivalled.

I work on over 100 gardens each and every year with a fantastic install team.

In my spare time, I enjoy landscaping and playing football with friends.

Martha Williams

Marketing Manager

I’m the newbie of the Cheshire Artificial Grass team!

Following on from my degree in Graphic Design I have join the team to develop the marketing of the company. You will find me mostly stuck on my phone as the queen of social media. Posting, commenting and updating you with all the latest news and jobs from Cheshire Artificial Grass.

In my spare time I enjoy photography and watching films. My favourite to watch at the moment has to be anything in the marvel cinematic universe!

I never thought I would work within the artificial grass industry but now I am there is no turning back!


Dog Model

Hi, I am Alfie, I am a 5-year-old Bichon Fraise. You might have seen me a few times on CAG’s social media platforms this is because I am CAGs no1 dog model.

My mummy works at the office and I sometimes get to go in. I LOVE the grass its so fun to play on and I don’t get wet and muddy, mummy thinks this is important as I am fluffy and white.