Common misconceptions about artificial grass
Composite decking and artificial grass garden

There is a lot out there about artificial grass. 90% of the articles we read are completely false. Similarly, when we tell people what we do for work, we hear loads of misinformation about grass and get asked all sorts of interesting questions.

In this blog, we are going to look at and debunk all sorts of things you may have heard or read about artificial grass. Furthermore, after you read this post, you should be ready to make your decision on artificial grass, but first…

What qualifies us to comment on this? Well first see our company name Cheshire Artificial Grass, it’s kind of what we do. In addition to this, we have been in the game for a quarter of a century. I think this gives us the right to make this post. Enough about us now, let’s see what people have been making up about artificial grass.

Artificial grass myths and misconceptions

Artificial grass will fade

This is a common one, but it is completely untrue. Wee, it is with our grass at least. Our grass is IV certified and has seen intense testing. Furthermore, we have been going for a long time and have never received a complaint about faded grass. Nor do we expect to ever have any.

If your grass does seem to have faded, it may be dirty and require a clead. In addition, flattened grass may look faded also, but getting a thick landscaping brush to brush the pile will help this too.

It will get too hot burn my dogs paws

Like concrete or 99% of surfaces, artificial can get hot in extreme temperature (not commonly reached in the UK). In the event that the weather is scorching, and your artificial grass feels hot to touch, just hose it down and the it will quickly drop in temperature.

The fake grass looks cheap and plastic like in a green grocers

The artificial grass industry has moved leaps and bounds in terms of quality, look and feel. No longer does artificial grass look cheap. Unless that’s the type you buy. All of our grasses look extremely realistic, especially Natural 42mm, that has been designed to be like for like compared to its natural counter-part.

Every grass from our cheapest to most expensive have a realistic look to them, Just view them all for yourself.

It is not suitable for my pets

Now, we can’t speak for every company when we say this. However, for us at Cheshire Artificial Grass, all of our grasses are pet friendly (if your pet has an allergy speak with us before hand). Depending on the size of the dog, there is one grass we suggest for pets.

Our Kingsley is PU backed with a short 25mm c-shaped pile. This is perfect for big dogs. As this grass is super strong, allowing it to stand up to the challenge. However, if you have a little dog, check out our full range as all our grasses will suit you.

Artificial grass facts

  • Artificial grass is a stunning low maintenance alternative to real grass.
  • Artificial grass can improve your families quality time.

Have you heard or read about any of these artificial grass myths?

So… had you heard of these before, or has someone came out and said this when you said you had or were getting artificial grass? Well, if you haven’t you are one of the lucky ones. If you have, now you can respond accordingly to these common myths and misconceptions about artificial grass.

Hopefully all these facts may also help show you artificial grass is a great idea for any home whatever the reason. Furthermore, there’s no need to get yourself in a pickle over artificial grass, it’s such as good way to keep a stunning garden all year round.