Artificial Grass for Nurseries

Safe Atmosphere For Play

Artificial Grass for Nurseries

The popularity of artificial grass installations in nurseries is massively on the rise. And no wonder! After all, when it comes to keeping our little ones protected, we’d all feel much better if we knew they were playing on surfaces that are cushioned and soft, right

That’s where Cheshire Artificial Grass can come in, providing your nursery with the perfect synthetic lawns that will make perfect spaces for both work and play.

Why choose artificial grass for your nursery?

Promotes sensory development in children

Whether you’re wanting to build a soothing sensory garden or create an adventure area for outdoor play, artificial grass from Cheshire Artificial Grass looks, feels and retains a similar texture to natural grass, without any dirt and mud. Weather-permitting, children can play barefoot under supervision to further help with their sensory development

Use indoors or outdoors

Artificial grass is also highly adaptable and is often used these days both indoors and outdoors. Outside it can be utilised to transform the playground into a low maintenance, all-weather surface. When used for MUGAs and sports pitches, artificial grass offers amazing durability and requires far less maintenance than a regular lawn.

Safe atmosphere for play

Artificial grass can be one of the safest surfaces for children to play on. At CAG we prioritise safety, which is why we offer distinct shock pad layers, which can be fitted with the artificial grass to deliver further impact-absorbing qualities, making it considerably safer for children to play on. Similarly, when used on its own, artificial grass offers grip to prevent trips and falls throughout play.

Suitable for all weather

At CAG we recognise the importance of outdoor play for our kids and the connected benefits to the physical and emotional development in children. Having said that, often the unpredictable British weather means that break times and outdoor play are cut short (sigh…). Well, no more – thanks to our synthetic grass services! Our artificial grass provides an alternative solution, unlike natural grass, which can take days to dry out after substantial rain and occasionally remains moist and slippery. Whereas artificial grass is quick to dry and no muddy footprints and puddles!

Aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance

Artificial grass offers an all-year-round, vibrant green look, which is visually stimulating for both teachers and pupils. Unlike natural grass, it’s easy to look after and reduces the time and cost associated with cleaning and mud trailing indoors. What’s not to love?!

Here at Cheshire Artificial Grass, we only showcase high-quality artificial grass products to our customers, which come with a 10-year warranty and use expert installers to further compliment it’s hard-wearing durable qualities.

Our nursery synthetic grass installations can deliver visually pleasing and safe carpeting for imaginative play, all year round. Get in touch with our team today to arrange a call about the needs of your nursery.

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