Artificial Grass For Multi Use Games Areas

Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s)

Artificial Grass for Multi Use Games Areas

Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) are hugely popular as they offer an all-weather surface, suited to a variety of sports. We offer a range of MUGA artificial surfaces. Most notably; robust artificial grass, 2G, 3G and non-infill specialist products.

We can design, supply and install your very own personalised MUGA tailored to your needs and using whatever space is available. Whether it is for recreational use or professional sports sessions, we can provide the perfect MUGA pitch and artificial grass type to suit your needs.

Customers can choose from a range of optional extras including; rigid fencing, floodlighting, recessed goal ends, line marking and exterior pathways. For soft surfaces and superior drainage, choose our impact-reducing underlay option. This underlay provides a high-performing and safe surface for games and activities.

MUGA Projects

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MUGA Surface Options

Our independently manufactured Delamere grass is our very own high-tech multi-use grass, which has been meticulously tested and approved by many over the years.

Our in-house safety tests ensure that our Delamere product is safe for use in schools and nurseries – making it the perfect, low-cost, highly resistant, multi-use artificial grass solution for your MUGA project. Our 2G, sand-filled multi-sport products are ideally for ball games such as hockey, tennis, and golf.

For fast-paced, contact sports such as football or rugby, try our 3G sand and rubber-filled grasses. 4G non-infill options are also available, utilising the latest yarn technology. We also offer durable, needle-punched outdoor carpets in a wide range of colours.

If you are on a lower budget, needle-punched carpets are a cost-effective alternative to grass. The carpets provide vibrant, colourful multi-use sports areas to encourage activity.

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