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Artificial Grass for Football pitches and training pitches

What are the benefits of an artificial grass football pitch?

There are many benefits to using artificial grass for your football pitch/ training pitch. Some of the benefits include low maintenance, you won’t need to worry about spending lots of time to keep your pitch in good conditions. No down time, following on from the low maintenance, you wont have any down time due to your surface not being useable. From this you also have a reduced maintenance cost as well. That’s three wins in one, need we say more? 

Is Artificial right for you?

Have you read the above about the benefits? if you have, its probably told you what you need to know. If you use the areas a lot, having artificial grass for your pitch is a perfect solution for you. It is an investment, but one that should pay off in the long run. By contributing to the continued success and giving your players with the ideal training conditions to improve.

Choosing the right grass.

There are multiple types of grasses we can use for artificial grass football areas. If it is just a at home football pitch, our Kingsley 25mm will do just fine, we can also install white lines as needed too. However, if you are a team or a club that is going to require regular use, you may want to go for something more hardwearing such as a specific sports grass like 4G. This can also be create with the full white lines for any sized pitch. They are your two options, get in touch and we can discuss further to help make you make the right decision on your artificial grass football pitch.

Football Pitch Options

We offer two types of football pitch services. One for private at home use and one for clubs. They are very similar, but we offer different advice depending on your situation.

Professional training and match pitches

Using the best quality 4g grasses and white lines, we can create you club or school, the perfect football training area. With state of the art technology, playing on our fourth generation sports grass will feel just like the real thing, but with none of the mud or mess from real grass. It also requires no rubber infill so away with those harmful and quite frankly annoying bits of rubber.

If you are a school looking for an area that will do well for football, but wont be used on a daily basis. Our Kingsley 25mm may be a good option instead of 4g. It is a lot cheaper, we also already have schools that use it and love it.

Home football pitches/training areas

Creating a mini pitch at home is great fun and a great way for you or your children to do more and practice what they love. The difference with an at home pitch is we use a more hardwearing version of a residential grass to still keep your outdoor space looking good. It is also a cheaper grass too, but as its not being played on non stop 7 days a week, you don’t need something as tough as 4g grass.

With personal pitches, most (not all) tend to go without white lines, or at least a simpler version maybe just one box and a half way line. No dots or a 6 yard box needed. Just take a look at this pitch we did for a football prodigy who plays for the Manchester City academy.

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