Caring for your lawn when you’re older

Care for your garden

Throughout your life, there is no doubt your garden will have been a delight to both you and your family.  When the sun shines, the back doors of our homes are invariably thrown open, where the garden becomes more like an extra room in the house.  When it’s really warm, life tends to be lived outdoors, returning inside only to grab some more ice for the jug of Pimms we’re enjoying on the lawn.

An idealised view, perhaps, but certainly in our younger years we were all the more able to maintain our gardens, and to mow its lawns, just as we were more able to bounce back up the stairs when we’d forgotten something.  When raising a family, keeping the garden in good shape is another dimension of the housework.

However, as we drift towards retirement our priorities inevitably change.  The kids will probably have flown the nest.  The house – and its garden – can suddenly seem too large for our requirements, and garden maintenance is more of a chore than a pleasure.  Or perhaps it’s more that the actual gardening aspect is still a delight – the flowerbeds, the pruning, the veg – but the lawn itself is becoming unmanageable.  And there are other factors to consider.

Hot summers can be punishing for the elderly, even in the UK, when prolonged outdoor exposure can lead to very real health concerns, such as heat stroke.  Pushing a heavy lawnmower around the garden in the middle of a hot day (which is when the lawn will need mowing) is therefore not recommended.

At this stage choices become apparent, in terms of lifestyle changes.  These might include moving to a bungalow, for instance, without the issue of stairs; or perhaps choosing a home with a more manageable garden space.  One thing that might be worth considering – whether, in fact, you are moving to a smaller home, or wish to stay put – is to replace your lawn with an artificial surface.

Rejuvenate your garden with a beautiful new lawn

Suddenly, that once onerous chore is entirely lifted from your shoulders.  No longer is there the need to drag the mower from the shed and push it across the unwieldy grass… no longer the need to lean on friends, family or neighbours to come around to help you.  What you are left with, instead, is a perfect, natural-looking surface.  All year round.

It is for these reasons of convenience that so many older customers contact Cheshire Artificial Grass to settle this problem, once and for all.

An artificial lawn is, broadly speaking, maintenance free.  Certainly there will be no more mowing for you, leaving you to release that time for more relaxing, enjoyable pursuits.  You will never need to seed over the bare patches that have appeared, whilst weeds are highly unlikely ever to make it through the membrane beneath the surface.  So… no more discolouration or unwanted plants which, in turn, means no need for fertilisers.  Because you will also save on sprinklers, artificial lawns are, again, good for the environment.  You can even trim the lawn more precisely to your desired shape, simply by using a Stanley knife, just like cutting carpet.

Of course things will still fall onto the surface but you can usually brush those to one side, or simply hose them off, as you can with animal urine from your own pets, or visitors to your garden.

So to surmise, an artificial lawn will save you both money and time, relieving you of the tiring job of mowing the lawn and free to spend more time enjoying your garden… and that Pimms from the fridge!