Bee In The City – Manchester
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Bee’s in Manchester

Due to its industrial past, the representation of Manchester is the working bee.  As part of the Bee in the City programme, through the span of nine weeks, a collection of over 100 exclusively designed large bee sculptures and more than 130 similarly attractive, and enchanting little bee statues have taken habitat in public attractions in Manchester.  These artistic figures are positioned in; hospitals, shopping centres, galleries, libraries and parks along a Manchester wide, free art trail. The programme offers a hive of activities. It encourages individuals to navigate their way through the trail and spot the working bees, whilst absorbing the historic and architectural surroundings in Manchester.

At Cheshire Artificial Grass we take a sense of pride in bee-ing instrumental to the buzz created by a remarkable public art event, in the humming City of Manchester. The Bee in the City programme offers the prospect for budding artists, schools, businesses and the local community to be involved. When we were asked by Sara Armstrong (GAP Local Partnerships Coordinator for the National Trust) to contribute to the programme, we were delighted to be part of a historic and significant event.

A total of 14 businesses connected to Wythenshawe worked collaboratively to sponsor a large bee sculpture for the Wythenshawe Forum, as part of a larger trial.  Additionally, a swarm of 5 small arty bees were designed by talented local school children and have taken habitat at the forum. Of these honey-sweet bees that winged their way through Wythenshawe, a prominent blue bee can be seen nested on deluxe artificial grass sponsored by CAG to imitate its natural surroundings. These enjoyable and entertaining bees were presented on the 27th of June 2018 and will remain there over the course of the Summer. The large striking bee sculpture was showcased on the 23rd of July 2018.

Bee in the City, Bee involved and follow the buzzing trail!




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