Artificial Grass… You’re A Money Saver

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Artificial grass isn’t here to just make your garden look pretty, it’s also here to save you those all-important pennies. The cost to maintain your home always puts a dent in your bank balance, so why let maintaining your garden do the same?

It cost money to look after a garden that is constantly under threat from mud, weeds and animals re-enacting The Great Escape. Just think for a moment, a lawn needs watering, mowing, trimming, draining, repairing… the list goes on and on. It’s easy to see why money savings is one of the main reasons artificial grass has caught the imagination of home owners across the country.

For those that haven’t made the switch, we’re here to show you exactly how an artificial lawn can save you money:

Oh no, not the water bill…

Imagine not having to water your lawn during dry spells? We all panic when our lawns start to turn brown, we grab the nearest hose pipe and hope for the best. Artificial grass stays green all year round and doesn’t need watering at any point of the year. This really is a massive cost saver as you wouldn’t believe how much water is wasted when watering your lawn. Try it and see the difference!

How much for a lawnmower?

Artificial grass is maintenance free, meaning you’ll never have to mow your lawn again. Lawnmowers are expensive and the popular gas lawnmowers are extremely bad for the environment. This will save a huge amount of cost and if you already have a lawnmower, you’ll be able to gain some money back by selling it.

Pesticides and fertilisers… it all adds up

It’s hard to keep a natural grass lawn looking healthy without using pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals. Artificial grass requires none of these to be maintained which will help save some pennies when next at the garden centre. You may not think these cost much but considering these chemicals are harmful towards children and pets, your money is best spent elsewhere.

Wow I need a lot of gardening equipment

From lawn shears to edge shears to weed cutters… what more are they offering you for lawn maintenance?  It’s an occurring theme but you won’t need any of these once you’ve installed artificial grass. With all the equipment you have, you could probably set up your own gardening equipment sale. Steel edging knife anyone?

Darn I need a new carpet

If you have children or pets, you’ll understand that mud sticks to them like glue. I bet you’re sick and tired of cleaning up mud from the garden and how many of your carpets have been ruined as a result of this? With artificial grass, you’ll never have to worry about coughing up the money for a new carpet ever again as it is completely mud free.

As you can see, investing in an artificial lawn is extremely worthwhile and will save you money in the long run. The great thing is, it will also save you time as it looks fantastic all year round.

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