Artificial Grass vs AstroTurf
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Astro Turf vs. Artificial Grass

The main difference between artificial grass and AstroTurf is quite simple, AstroTurf is an American brand, whereas artificial grass is a general term for synthetic turn. Over the years, artificial grass has had many names and AstroTurf is one of them. In short, AstroTurf started producing artificial grass for sports purposes, They did a lot in growing the popularity of artificial grass and as such the name stuck! In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the main differences between artificial grass and AstroTurf and solve the debate of artificial grass vs. AstroTurf.

So, what is AstroTurf?

AstroTurf is a subsidiary of SportGroup and started producing artificial turf in 1965 for sports use. Cool fact – they were actually the first company to produce artificial turf! The confusion between the two stems from this, but ultimately AstroTurf is the patterned name of the company, and artificial grass is the name of the product.

During the ’60s, AstroTurf was the only company producing artificial turf. They specialised in sports pitches and playgrounds and then in a very clever marketing tactic, they managed to get everyone to call the artificial grass used in these areas “AstroTurf”. In the USA, AstroTurf is the biggest seller of artificial grass, however, the company doesn’t have much of a presence in the UK, yet the name still carries.

When AstroTurf started, they specialised in producing short pile turf that was made from nylon yarn. It spread like wildfire and grew immensely popular. The only problem? The grass that they produced needed some major improvements, mainly in the type of fibres that were being used and the purpose that they were being used for… which you can read all about in our blog here.

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And what is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is the product first made by AstroTurf. In the last 70-odd years it has come leaps and bounds!

In a nutshell, artificial grass is a synthetic product that is created to resemble real grass. It can be used in many different settings and comes in so many different colours, textures and lengths! While it started in America, artificial grass is now mostly used in the UK and comes from all over the world!

AstroTurf created artificial grass, but artificial grass is now so much more! You can read all about the different fibres, what they mean and how they affect artificial turf here.

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Artificial Grass vs AstroTurf: The overall verdict…

So, due to the fact that AstroTurf is a brand, it’s not available to buy in the UK. Instead, you will need to look to purchase artificial turf and grass. Here at Cheshire Artificial Grass, we specialise in premium artificial turf.

Artificial grass has come a long way since AstroTurf invented the product in 1962. Their nylon turf didn’t look like the real deal, nor was it fit for purpose! Now, artificial grass comes in so many different lengths, fibres and colours. This means you get a more natural-looking product that can be used in a variety of different areas. Giving you the best possible effect in your space.

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