artificial grass tennis court surfaces

We offer an incredible range of artificial grass tennis court surfaces, giving you the opportunity to build your very own  custom made synthetic tennis court.

An artificial grass court replicates the look, feel and play of both grass and clay courts. Our artificial grass range offers a variety of surface types to suit your needs and play style, whether you are looking for a faster or slower playing surface.

We can provide your chosen grass in custom roll lengths to fit the exact size of your tennis court. All of our grass comes complete with lines and runoff areas.

What we offer the following services to both domestic and commercial customers:

  • Design and build of new indoor and outdoor courts
  • Refurbishment of existing surfaces
  • Maintenance and repairs

Why choose an Artificial Grass Tennis Court?


artificial grass tennis court

An artificial grass court surface tends to be softer than a clay surface which is better for both muscles and joints, whilst still replicating the play of a court surface. If you are looking for a court for casual players in your club, this is a fantastic option.

An artificial court will drain faster than traditional clay and grass courts and be ready to use much quicker following rainfall, giving you longer sessions and more use during the winter.

Artificial grass surfaces will also stay clean from mud and will never become slippery following rainfall. This is one of the most reliable surfaces for sports clubs who will be able to run events all year round without the fear of cancellation due to poor weather conditions.

An artificial court can be installed over an existing clay surface, which offers a cheaper option than full resurfacing. It is also much harder wearing than grass courts and will not deteriorate as quickly.

Artificial grass is multi-use! Your new synthetic tennis court is suitable for a wide variety of sports including football and netball. This means you will be able to attract a wider audience and freshen your offerings during the year.

Maintenance for artificial surfaces is cheaper and less labour intensive in the long term than grass or gravel courts.

Artificial Grass Maintenance


artificial grass tennis court surfacing

Tennis courts need to be constantly maintained due to play and high usage. This is another reason to choose artificial grass because maintenance is easy and requires minimal effort.

Deep cleaning and brushing of the court will keep the pile upright and loosen up the sand to keep it free draining.

Inevitably the sand in the grass will move around over time so it will need topping up roughly every 12 months (dependant on usage). It’s important to regularly check the sand levels and top up accordingly.

Private courts and courts used irregularly can be prone to moss build up, particularity in shaded areas next to buildings or under trees. Again, an annual deep clean will help prevent this and remove any build up.

Most problems with artificial courts result from lack of maintenance! Regular sweeping, drag brushing/matting and an annual deep clean will keep your artificial court in top condition and maintain a high quality playing surface.

Tennis Court Funding



The Transforming British Tennis Together fund is a huge £125m investment into community tennis facilities, attracting a further £125m of match funding for successful projects.

The LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) hopes that this scheme will deliver 750 newly covered indoor courts, over 4,000 newly floodlit courts and 3,000 court entry systems over the next 10 years.

Here are some of the main FAQs:

The LTA will match fund up to 50% of your total project cost through the fund. Half of this will come through as a grant, and the other half as an interest free loan.

Successful bids can include:

  • Floodlights
  • Covered courts
  • Social facilities
  • Multi-sports surfaces suitable for tennis
  • Accessible facilities for disabled players
  • Tennis facilities at multi-sport venues

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