Artificial Grass Paddling Pool Safety: A Guide for Homeowners
Hot tub paddling pool on artificial grass

Learn about the potential risks of placing paddling pools on your artificial grass with this guide for homeowners

Keep your family safe and your grass healthy! 


With the summer season in full swing and many people spending between 1-2 hours per day outside, many homeowners are looking for ways to cool off and enjoy outdoor activities, including setting up paddling pools. If you have artificial grass in your yard, you may be wondering whether it’s safe to use paddling pools on this type of surface. We have put together this guide to share the ins and outs of artificial grass paddling pool safety.

Below we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision and ensure the safety of your artificial grass while enjoying your paddling pool.


Understanding the Potential Risks

Placing a heavy paddling pool on your artificial grass can affect your lawn’s appearance if you’re not careful. The heavy pool may cause the grass blades to flatten, which results in an uneven look and can lead to an unappealing appearance. The pressure o

f the pool can also cause damage to the base layer, so bear this in mind when filling a large pool on your artificial grass.

Another factor you need to bear in mind is when you empty a paddling pool on artificial grass. If your artificial grass has been laid on a sand and stone base, emptying a pool too quickly may disrupt the base underneath. If a paddling pool is emptied all at once it may wash away some of the base underneath leaving a depression in your lawn. To avoid this, you should empty it as slowly as possible to ensure a large amount of water isn’t washed onto it at once.


Artificial Grass Care

Artificial grass paddling pool safety is only realised when supported by a proactive approach to maintaining lawn care. The following tips and suggestions can ensure the longevity of your lawn. Before placing the paddling pool, ensure you remove any debris on the surface.

Secondly, use a protective barrier on the lawn when you have to place a paddling pool, such as wooden boards.

By providing an additional layer, the protective barrier considerably decreases the chance of acquiring damage by transferring the weight applied to the surface below.

After you’re done

using the pool, try to make sure you’re efficiently emptying it, and try to avoid pouring out all the water in one go. Not only will this reduce the wear on the artificial grass, but water left stagnant will yield moss which can generate various unwelcome and unwanted growth.


Hot tub paddling pool on artificial grass


Kid-Friendly Backyard Essentials

In terms of the best backyards for growing families, decorations must balance enjoyable factors and meet the artificial grass paddling pool safety standards. This includes plenty of amenities for children like trampolines, swings, and splash pools for playtime and fun.

Finding safe and fitting outdoor essentials for Cheshire homeowners is challenging.

Here are a few fantastic kid-friendly backyard accessories to improve your artificial grass paddling pool safety:

  • A functioning playhouse and swing that are suitable for imagination games and can satisfy hours of stay at home fun sessions. 
  • A sandpit is essential to sensory development and a fun way to keep the kid’s creative play sessions ongoing. Consider investing in coloured sands for distinct texture variation, and liquid/cars/water activities for further amusement. 
  • A basketball hoop or football goal can bring your whole family together, regardless of age range or fitness level.  
  • Having gazebos in your garden could become a parent’s favourite corner of the garden. Whether for date nights or the occasional get together from time to time, a designated workspace will never go to waste. 

Make Artificial Grass Paddling Pool Safety a Priority 

Ensuring the safety of your children when playing on your artificial grass requires some effort and commitment. With the proper equipment and care, you can enjoy your back garden, make many summertime memories, and be confident that artificial grass paddling pool safety for your children is recognised and addressed.

Therefore, we hope the guide above helps you understand how to make artificial grass paddling pool safety a top priority while still maintaining an excellent appearance! With so many options to customise your garden like the essentials and precautions outlined above, you are sure to enjoy a serene outdoor sanctuary.

For more information on artificial grass paddling pool safety or custom installations, contact us today!