Artificial grass – not just for gardens

Artificial grass in one of the most versatile, hardwearing and fun coverings available. It’s eye-catching, easy to clean, and ready for the rough and tumble of everyday life. Not only can it transform your garden in to a lush, green meadow all year round, it can bring colour, character and fun to your home, business or even your mode of transport.

Here we take a lighter look at the fun side of artificial grass with some colourful creations and quirky suggestions for your decor.

football carpetKid’s Bedrooms

Are your kids football mad? Then how about turning their bedroom in to Wembley Stadium? Artificial grass is a great alternative to carpet. It’s tough, soft and stain resistant, and will put a smile on the face of any budding Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard.

yard alderley edge artificial grassQuirky Cafés and Restaurants

If you run an independent café, add a little character to that dull patio or seating area with a splash of green grass. One of your customers has spilt their soup? Don’t worry, artificial grass is easy to clean – just hose it down and let it dry in the sunshine.

eyecatching van with artificial grassPromoting your brand or business

Do you have a product to launch? Or perhaps your new brand or business is in need of a bit high profile exposure? What better way to catch people’s eye than with a car or van covered in artificial grass? Or you could use artificial grass on your stand at your next event exhibition.

carpet your office with grassGrass in the office

In the modern marketplace, employee satisfaction is the name of the game. A great way to improve the atmosphere of the office and put a smile on peoples’ faces is to remove that drab grey carpet and replace it with soft, vibrant green artificial grass. Keep the people who work for you happy and watch your business grow.

settee covered in artificial grassA greener way to relax

If your tastes are on the quirkier side, how about this spectacular artificial grass covered sofa?  You can use it to cover sofas, armchairs and any other type of soft furnishing. And what about a soft green artificial grass rug? You’ll be relaxing in your very own lush green meadow before you know it.