Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide

Caring for artificial grass is simple.

In fact, most of our customers choose to install synthetic grass precisely because they find regular grass too difficult to maintain. Artificial turf is great for people who don’t have the time or energy to manage a natural garden surface and don’t want to hire an expensive gardener.

Keeping your artificial garden looking great all year round only requires simple maintenance. Follow these simple steps, and avoid our list of No No’s to keep your garden looking great and lasting longer. You want to protect your investment, and regular maintenance will help to do this.

Brush your artificial lawn

Brushing your artificial lawn is the single most important piece of maintenance you can do. After the lawn has been installed, there is a six to eight-week ‘bedding-in’ period. This is when you should regularly brush your turf. This is important as it allows the grass to stand up properly, as it has spent most of it’s life rolled up in our UK warehouse.

It is important that you brush lightly and use a soft-thistle brush head. Failure to do this could result in damage to your artificial turf. After the bedding-in period has passed, you will no longer need to brush the grass as often – doing it once a month will suffice.

Remove unwanted weeds

Artificial grass is extraordinarily resistant to weeds, especially when paired with our weed proof membrane.  We all know how devilish weeds can be, they’ll always find a way. If any mosses or weeds do manage to sneak through the pile of your artificial turf, then you should use a water-based weed killer just like you would on a regular lawn. Also be sure to pull the weeds out (try to get the roots too, this will stop the weeds right at the source..

When other organic materials such as sticks or leaves start to build up on your turf it can interrupt your garden’s surface drainage. This organic matter should be periodically removed to stop water building up.

Clean artificial grass stains

Don’t worry if your artificial garden attracts stains, any stain can be safely cleaned up using warm water and washing up liquid. For more stubborn stains you should use special cleaning products like mineral spirits to help maintain the integrity of your plastic turf.

Please note, if you do plan to use stronger cleaning products. Please get an offcut or request a sample of the same grass that you have to test the product beforehand. This is a good way to ensure the product you are using won’t damage your grass. If it does damage the off cut, try something else, it’s not worth the cost to not do this.

Artificial Grass No-No’s

  • Avoid exposing your surface to sharp items like broken glass
  • Avoid fire and other sources of heat, including bonfires, cigarette butts and fireworks
  • Avoid dropping chewing gum
  • Avoid parking cars or driving over/on your artificial surface

Follow these simple maintenance tips for an artificial garden that looks inviting and fresh the whole year round. We also recommend a proper yearly maintenance service provided by us. It is relatively inexpensive and will help even further on the look and life of your lawn.

If you have any more questions about maintaining your lawn you can contact us. Alternatively feel free to call a member of our team on 01625 837 694