Artificial Grass Installed at Macclesfield School

Artificial grass is great for schools!

One of Cheshire Artificial Grass’s signature blends of grass fibre has been installed around an outdoor swimming pool at Beech Hall School in Macclesfield, to help make the area safer and more exciting for children.

Arley artificial grass, a blend that we often use for busy public areas, was laid around the perimeter of the private school’s outdoor swimming pool to create a non-slip surface ready to serve generations of pupils at the school.

Nestled on a 16 acre plot on the edge of the Peak District, Beech Hall is very attractive independent school in lush surroundings. The school puts a lot of emphasis on providing children with a high-quality and well-rounded education.

Balancing academic achievement with sporting and extra-curricular activities, the school aims to provide a unique experience to all of its individual pupils.

The outdoor swimming pool, which is hugely popular with students, is just one way the school tries to offer something a little bit different to discerning parents.

The pool though, was beginning to show its age. The heavy concrete slabs that surrounded the pool were beginning to look a little worn and tired. Rough concrete did offer good grip to tiny feet, but if water began to pool up on the surface then it could pose a safety risk.

Stop injuries with artificial grass

Recognising all of this, the school began to look for a solution that was attractive, would last for a long time and, above all, would be safe.

Under advice from one of Cheshire Artificial Grass’s sister companies, Pentagon Play, the school selected artificial grass as a pool surround surface. We think they made a great choice.

Although it is not the most conventional material to use as a pool surround, artificial grass is well suited to this wet and slippery environment.

Grass fibres provide a sturdier footing for children, even if they go breaking the cardinal pool rule of no running. And if children do fall over then the grass and underlay provide a softer landing that is less likely to result in tears.

To help prevent excess water from pooling on the surface and becoming a slipping hazard, our artificial grass has a lot of holes punched in it. Water is absorbed through the porous top-layer and is then transported via drainage channels in the underlay to a safe spot.

Our range of grasses can absorb 60 litres of water per minute per m2, so there is little danger of the surface becoming saturated, even if the recent Cheshire floods continue.

The Arley grass fibre was selected for this particularly job because it is extremely robust and long lasting.

Arley is the hardiest grass fibre blend that we make. It is heavier than most other artificial grasses and the shorter fibres limit damage while also looking neat and tidy. We regularly install Arley artificial grass in schools, hospitals, front gardens and other areas where there is likely to be a large amount of foot traffic.

With proper maintenance the lifespan of Arley grass is easily 15-20 years and all of Cheshire Artificial Grass’s products are guaranteed for seven years after installation.

When they had decided to resurface the area surrounding the swimming pool, the school approached Pentagon Play for advice. After a consultation with one of the Pentagon reps, the school chose artificial grass under their recommendation.

The Pentagon team are experts at improving outdoor play environments at schools. They specialise in producing outdoor classrooms, sports surfaces, active play areas and other playground features.

You can see some of their fantastic work on their website.