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Cheshire Artificial Grass are your local, friendly neighbourhood installers that have been going for over 25 years. After many years within the artificial turf industry, we have trailed and perfected our artificial grass installation process. Our customers deserve an artificial lawn that looks good for years to come. We use a proprietary system of base preparation and edging that will last as long as our rigorously tested, range of fake grass. We are the ONLY company to give a comprehensive guarantee of 10 years, not just on the grass but, on that all-important base that we prepare. So, if you are local to the North-West, Cheshire… we are the artificial grass installers for you. Click the button to see our process in depth or download right onto your computer by clicking the button to the right. Better yet, click the button below to watch a step by step video on how to install artificial grass. Looking at doing a DIY artificial grass installation in your own garden? No worries, we have condensed and simplified our process, as well as added 8 top tips on how to install artificial grass. 

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Step one - The preparation

To start we need to remove all the organic matter from your lawn, including the lawn itself. Digging down slightly to create space for the porous base works to be installed. Our artificial grass fitters using the top end equipment to make this process as simple as possible.

If your garden is a little different, don't worry! Our teams of experts have dealt with a wide variety of gardens. Just make sure to point them out to our salesperson when they come and conduct a site survey. This includes tree roots, drainage issues, unlevelled gardens, etc.

Step TWO - Edging the area

It is important not to skimp on the edging system for your lawn installation. Nothing lets an installation down more than edges that are pulling away, jagged, or breaking up. Timber edges tend to no last as long as your artificial grass or base unless they are treated. Concrete edges will crumble over time unless reinforced with steel.

Gluing the grass to the concrete will also fail unless the concrete has been allowed to set for several days and then sealed as the glue needs to bond to a non-porous substrate. We use our own, hidden, flexible, 100% recycled plastic edging that will never degrade. To secure the artificial grass or astro turf to the edging, we screw the grass into the edging. This allows for any adjustments to be made in the future with the base, if needed.

Step Three - The Base

First, within the edged area we install a stone base layer, approximately 60mm deep, of MOT type 1 stone. This stone meets the Ministry of Transport’s criteria for use under highways. We then wacker the stone base to make sure it is compact, making this layer the bedrock of a stable and long lasting installation.

Next, we blind the stone base layer with a 20mm layer of specialist grit sand to even out the stone and create a smooth, flat finish. Again, we use the wacker plate to even out and compact the area. Our teams use a locally sourced, high quality crushed granite. Crushed granite is far superior to standard ‘sharp sands’ as it won’t wash away or dissolve in rainwater. Crushed granite has the best permeability rate of any construction sand, ensuring that rainwater can drain quickly away from the surface.

Step four - Time to Stop the Weeds

The geotextile, weed-proof membrane in the final layer before the grass is fitted. This is an additional line of defence against any organic growth that may still occur under the formation. We are the UK's only suppliers of this special geotextile, weed membrane designed specifically to use with fake grass. At 130 grams per m2 it is 60% thicker than standard ‘weed suppressant’ membranes.

Our membrane has a specially designed, smooth finish which means the artificial grass can slide over the top without creating folds or ripples in the finished grass. This also means that membrane doesn’t move whilst they lay the artificial grass, which could leave gaps in the protective layer.

Step Five - Fitting The Artificial grass

We only have highest quality range of artificial grass, which is 100% UV stable, child & pet friendly and is permeable. This allows the rainwater to pass quickly through to the porous base we have prepared. Not only that, our grass has even passed tests to, FIFA standards, for its toughness and durability. Making it perfect for the WHOLE family to spend hours making memories.

To fit the artificial turf, we roll it out, cut to size and then screw into the edging. It's that simple!

Step Six - Gluing & joining

We only use a two-part glue. The cheaper, single part glue is pre-mixed and can’t be laid thin enough, which means you can feel lumps of glue under the join. We use the superior ‘wet-fix’ glue which sets as strongly in damp conditions, as standard glue will in perfectly dry conditions.

The grass is glued and joined on a seam tape, and we use the same seam tape that is used on FIFA specification sports pitches. The tape and glue are as strong as the backing on the grass. It is important that your grass is well joined, poorly joined joints will, at best look awful and, at worst, fall apart.

Step Seven - The Finishing Touches

Once the grass is fitted and the joins are set, we power brush the surface. This removes any debris, stimulates the fibres and leaves the grass standing up and looking first class. The lawn installation is complete, now all that is left is for the team of installers to tidy up and make sure everything is back how it was... except with better grass, of course!

One More thing... Your guarantee

10-year comprehensive guarantee for the surfacing.

10-year comprehensive guarantee for the base preparation and edging system.

This is a genuine guarantee from a company that has been installing artificial grass for over 25 years, we know it works and we will be around in 10 years’ time because we are experts in what we do.

Cheshire Artificial Grass was founded in 1998 and are approved artificial grass suppliers to Cheshire East Council, AVIVA insurance approved and work with many blue-chip companies around the UK.

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