Artificial grass in traditional and modern gardens

Traditional and modern gardens with artificial grass.

We think that artificial grass looks great everywhere. But sometimes our clients are anxious that the surface will look out of place in their carefully crafted garden.

We understand these concerns, and that’s why we try to reassure clients as much as possible. After all, it can be difficult to picture what your garden will look like after the transformation.

To try and soothe some of these fears, we’ve collated some pictures of AG in traditional and contemporary gardens. If you are still struggling to picture artificial grass then why not visit our artificial grass showroom near Macclesfield and see our range of products for yourself. You can also see our products at the Ice Cream Farm in Chester and at Arighi Bianchi in Macclesfield.

Remember – whether you have a big garden or a small one, a modern one or an old-fashioned garden, messy pets or mucky children – artificial grass looks great and lasts even better.

Modern gardens with artificial grass

At this garden in Bowdon, our brief was to create a clean and neat-looking garden matching the contours of the modern house. We used our 28mm Chatsworth grass blend for a short and sharp finish. We particularly like how the artificial grass runs right up to the line of the modern stonework. This would be almost impossible to achieve with natural grass.

This Sandbach garden is one of the more experimental ones that we’ve worked on. The mix and match of chopped slate, bold paving stones, planters and soft artificial grass make for an interesting combination of textures and shapes.

Modern gardens like this one at a contemporary townhouse in Knutsford tend to be smaller than other more traditional gardens. For smaller gardens, where a lawnmower takes up too much space, artificial grass can be a real winner. And as you can see from this photo, there are plenty of ways that artificial grass and natural plants can coexist peacefully and attractively.

Traditional gardens with artificial grass

By contrast, many of the more traditional gardens that we work on tend to be larger. This 135 square meter patch of artificial grass that we laid in Didsbury was designed to give two young children the maximum amount of room to play. And the best part? Because artificial grass doesn’t deteriorate like natural grass, Mum and Dad don’t have to worry about muddy feet in the house.

The no-mud rule also applies to pets. We’ve never heard of artificial grass upsetting pets, they seem to enjoy it as much grass. In this photo, you can also see how artificial grass works really well with layered up plants. Cheshire Artificial Grass’s natural colour blends look realistic and complement the natural foliage perfectly.

This large, traditional-feeling garden covers a large area and shows how artificial grass can complement other materials like stone slabs, pebbles and rockeries. Before we arrived, this garden was already quite mature and artificial grass really adds to the feel of the environment.




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