Artificial Grass In New Build Properties
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New builds can leave you with new garden problems.

New build properties are on the rise now, with new housing estates being built all over the UK.  Who doesn’t want to move into a beautiful newly built, modern home? It seems like property developers are throwing these houses up in no time and due to this, the garden area is suffering. This is where an installation of artificial grass in newly built properties can save the day.

Most buyers are left with a garden that consists of muddy clay, or tonnes of soil, however sometimes the developers are laying turf over the area but due to the poor conditions underneath, the turf is dying.  The homeowner is spending hundreds laying new turf every few months and for what, for it to die again? In some cases, the garden area doesn’t come in with the price of the house and the homeowners are being left to deal with the garden area after they have moved in.

New Build garden before and after of artificial grass

Most new builds have rather bad drainage problems. This is normally down to the soggy clay-like soil that is left behind after the house is built.  This isn’t a good enough base for real turf to take to, which again is causing nothing but problems. With an installation of artificial grass in new build properties the proper precaution and drainage are in place to make sure your lawn survives all year round.

We have been inundated with customers wanting artificial grass over the last few months. People who have already moved in, and even homeowners who are waiting to complete.

We have also found that if you are buying the house before the house/garden area is built you may be able to ask for the garden to be left with MOT stone, this will save money on the house sale and will be easier for Cheshire Artificial Grass to handle the installation. Not only will this save money on your house sale, but it will also make your artificial grass installation cheaper. If the area has been left with tonnes of soil, we would have to add extra manpower and days to get the soil dug off and put in a skip. If the area is left as it is, or with MOT installed this will make your installation cheaper and it also won’t take as long.

Artificial grass offers a low maintenance, modern, fresh looking garden that can be utilised all year round.  It offers children the ability to play in the garden even in the rain, it also offers dog owners the ease of not having to clean up muddy paw prints every time they go outside. Artificial grass is a long-lasting, durable and low maintenance product, that can bring so much joy to new homeowners.  Many people find that the garden is just as important as the inside of the house so why not let your garden look immaculate as your new house, with a fraction of the work.

Recently moved into your very own new build property with a poor garden? Get in touch and see how we can help you get the garden of your dreams today!


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