Why More Gyms are Using Artificial Grass
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Forget your standard rubber and concrete flooring. The top trending flooring in most gyms is artificial grass. Most fitness routines incorporate a certain degree of dragging, pulling and pushing which can have a detrimental effect on your gym floor. This can be a pretty costly practice – Upkeep and replacing floor used by this is a nightmare. Have you ever considered trying artificial grass?

Our Artificial grass is a perfect solution

Research suggests that artificial grass is more hygienic that most floorings. This is due to its bacteria resistant coating which helps to stop the development of bacteria and fungus.

Not only is it stylish, it’s perfect for your gyms sled areas and weights rooms – due to providing a degree of sound absorption and helping with reverberation issues. Artificial grass flooring also delivers sufficient grip and aids balance, minimising the risk of injuries.

Our versatile and durable grasses are ideal for gym interiors, especially when you choose one with a short dense pile. It offers the perfect solution. This product is special, not only does it require little attention and care, it is hard-wearing and can endure the rigors of daily use.

Indoor Running Tracks

Artificial grass need not be limited to the weights room, with it being a multipurpose solution, it is ideal to use for indoor running tracks, designed with permanent lines to mark out areas.

Artificial grass delivers an alternative to training by carefully imitating outdoor running conditions, without the British weather interfering. A great answer for running clubs, and race training, or simply for beginners to build their confidence indoors.

Artificial Grass for Gym Exteriors

For those who love the contemporary look and several benefits of using artificial grass for gym interiors, the magic of it is that, it has the equivalent appeal for improving outdoor aesthetics of your gym/leisure centre.  

To create a uniform and eye-catching appearance you could use Artificial grass flooring in your reception area and throughout workout areas.

For outdoors, artificial grass can be used as an attractive feature to improve the look of the gym. As it’s positively green all year round.

Requiring little upkeep, it is an inexpensive, and requires a lot less maintenance to keep it looking great, when compared to natural alternatives.

Why Choose CAG?

With so many companies offering various artificial grass products on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right product and company to install the flooring in your gym. At Cheshire Artificial Grass, we take great pride in bringing the finest service and have numerous years of knowledge and expertise in our field.  We offer only the best products on the market.

Please contact us for more advise and a free consultation and one of our specialists will deliver further assistance.