Artificial Grass for Golf Advert
Artificial Grass for Golf Advert

Golf and artificial grass have gone hand in hand over the past few years, especially as we have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality and durability of artificial grass in recent years. As many of you golf fans out there will know, maintaining a green of such a size requires a lot of manpower, and it can be frustrating when the conditions aren’t right. With artificial grass, none of those issues arise, making it a great option for modern fairways. 

McCann Manchester and Craft WW Manchester recently had the opportunity to work with American Golf, the aim being to produce a TVC campaign during the 150th St Andrews open. American Golf is one of Europe’s most successful and popular golf suppliers and they’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of the sport, especially amongst minorities and the younger generation. Golf has always been a fairly elitist sport, but American Golf had a vision of giving everyone the opportunity to be a part of golf, making equipment more affordable and the sport more accessible. Enter the ‘Behind Every Golfer” campaign. 

What was the “behind every golfer” campaign?

According to American Golf, the concept of the “Behind Every Golfer” campaign was as followers;

‘From experts to beginners, perfectionists, and trick-shot specialists. Devoted practisers to fair-weather players. Obsessive swing improvers and mechanical innovators. Golf fanatics and fashion addicts. No matter what type of golfer you are. American Golf – Behind Every Golfer. American Golf kick starts the 2022 season by getting Behind Every Golfer. 

Whether you’re a fair-weather golfer or an all-year rounder, we curate golf clothing to cater for all fashionable and functional clothing requirements. An established apparel edit which includes all formats of golf clothing and equipment within various genders, sizes and designs across leading golf clothing brands. If it’s a full set for a first-timer, or a matching wedge for a golfing regular, American Golf’s behind every-golfer collection delivers an extensive selection of golf clubs suitable no matter what type of player you are.’

The campaign saw multiple shots of golfers and their swing, it needed to be shot in a studio but look realistic and effective. Enter Cheshire Artificial Grass.

So, what did CAG do to help?

McCann Manchester and Craft Manchester were on the hunt to create a green that they could build in a studio fit for filming purposes. Artificial grass has been used for golfing greens in many situations and we have experience in fitting grass for personal putting greens and community driving ranges. Artificial grass is used in golf all over the place for many different reasons and the promotional company felt that using it in the advert would help show off the accessibility aspect. So, we did our thing so that they could do theirs. Following a successful installation, the campaign was aired on Sky Sports during the 150th Open in St Andrews in the summer. 

Wait, wait, wait, should I use artificial grass for golf greens?

In short, yes! Artificial grass can be incredibly beneficial to be used in golf. 

Firstly, it’s so much easier to maintain!

Artificial grass requires less water, fewer chemicals and less manpower to keep it in perfect condition. It is also far more durable, meaning it won’t get damaged after repetitive practicing hours. This durability also means it will stay consistent, meaning you can measure your improvements more accurately.

Secondly, due to the installation process, you won’t get stagnant water!

This means you can play in all weather! Artificial grass is great for golf! It allows for more time to focus on the sport, and less time worrying about the conditions.

So, yes! Artificial grass is a fantastic alternative for golf, golf greens, driving ranges and alike. Get in touch today to see how we can help you realise an easier way to golf