Location: Wilmslow

Location: Wilmslow

Each job undertaken by Cheshire Artificial Grass is completely different, and serves as a new application for our grass. Just like the blades of grass in a lawn, each application then adds to the overall expertise, and the impact, of what Cheshire Artificial Grass can achieve. This particular job in Wilmslow highlights a very common use for such lawns.The family garden can often be the preserve of the children. To fly over South Manchester reveals gardens populated by trampolines and many gardens now feature dedicated play areas – mini playgrounds constructed from wood or plastic.

Although at 70 metres square, this Wilmslow garden was sizeable, you will nevertheless find that wherever you place the play area, or indeed the trampoline, it will soon have a detrimental impact on the lawn beneath.Starved of sunlight and churned up under the feet of children, the lawn is soon worn away, leaving an ugly, patchy effect to the garden lawn. Equally, this now wet and muddy grass will then be carried all over the play equipment. It is likely then to be brought back into the house, once the children decide they need a change of scene.

Cheshire and South Manchester is an area of the country that benefits from good housing stock with generously proportioned gardens. That, twinned with the growth in popularity for such garden play areas, creates problems… but problems that can be easily solved by laying artificial grass. In this case, the natural pre-existing turf was pulled up. In its place, a base was laid, to form a stable, free-draining structure for the artificial grass that was then placed on top.

The benefits were quickly felt. Of course the grass is now weather proof and resistant to any further erosion. However, as well as looking good, with a depth of 35mm the artificial grass also forms a thick, cushioning pile that helps protect the children from falls and scrapes.The replacement area worked perfectly. The only issue, in fact, is just how well the artificial grass worked. One often finds that replacing a part of the garden, such as the play area, simply reveals the inadequacies of the natural lawn elsewhere…

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