Location: Mobberley

Location: Mobberley

An Englishman’s home is, indeed, his castle.  However, it is the garden that forms the real centre of our domestic fortress.  As soon as the sun appears, the doors are open wide and life is lived not within our castles, but just outside its drawbridge.

Whether Pimms on the lawn, or tea for two, there is little finer than being able to entertain in the great outdoors.  And the gardens of Cheshire, notably, allow for such imbibing and socialising. Often elegantly designed, and perfectly manicured, they remain our pride and joy.  However, Cheshire also lies in the North West of the country and inclement weather conditions can let down our grand garden designs, especially when it comes to the lawns themselves.

One particular garden in Mobberley required the services of Cheshire Artificial Grass to provide the solution.  In this case, the client enjoyed entertaining in his particular piece of the great outdoors.

However, the area he used for entertaining lay in the shadow of another venerable English institution – the oak tree.  Naturally the tree had to stay, so thoughts turned to what to do about the lawn beneath the tree, which churned to mud in the winter and then dried out in the summer months to form more of a dustbowl than a lawn. Either way, the surface let the side down in terms of the overall elegance of the house and garden, and was not conducive to entertaining.  You don’t want the feet of your guests to be covered in either mud or dust, especially for their sakes or your own, as it is likely to be walked straight back through the house.
Most natural lawn solutions will suffer the same fate when there is this lack of natural light; however, that is obviously not an issue when it comes to artificial grass.  In this case, the turf was removed specifically from the area around the oak tree.  Luxury, 35mm Cheshire Artificial Grass was then laid instead, atop a free draining base for the rain.

The new artificial grass blends in with the rest of the lawn and now looks pristine, all year round.  This adds to the improved look of the house and gardens as a whole, and means the surface is never a hindrance when it comes to entertaining.  And that is something we in England – and especially in the North – know how to do rather well.

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