Location: Didsbury

Location: Didsbury

Artificial Grass Didsbury

Didsbury is a vibrant suburban area of Manchester, near to the city centre, but with its own identifiable characteristics, personality and charm. Didsbury contains three main areas with each having its own distinctiveness. East Didsbury is best known for its excellent schools, country-like features and greenery (now including artificial grass!). West Didsbury is fiercely autonomous with a small collection of dependable restaurants for eating and containing The Metropolitan Pub. Lastly, the most sought after of the three; Didsbury Village, presenting trendy bars, restaurants, delis and boutique hotels.

In the 13th century, Didsbury was referred to as Dydesbyre, Dydesbiri and Dodesbury. Throughout the 13th century, it was a small village, situated in the sub-manor of Withington and was largely used for agricultural. By the 19th century, Didsbury became a magnet for several businessmen who built villas and country houses, overseeing the River Mersey. Nowadays, the original village centre is a conservation area of Didsbury St James.

Didsbury is an attractive location for commuters due to its great transport and motorway links. Didsbury has great local amenities, with something available to cater for everyone’s needs. There is little need to venture out of Didsbury for shopping, as it features its own range of shops and boutiques, selling clothes that can be comparable to those found in the high street. For people passionate about Art there is handful of select galleries, so you can indulge your passion. Didsbury has plenty to keep you entertained; it has an assortment of thriving restaurants offering different cuisines, lots of friendly cafes for socialising and a great bar scene.

For Families, there are lots of available parks; Didsbury park is in the village centre, for a sunny weekend it is a perfect picnic spot. It features a large football pitch and play area available for children. Parswood Wood Entertainment Centre, in east Didsbury features a cinema complex, with a small choice of credible restaurants and bowling facilities available, ideal for a great family day out. The one-hundred-year-old Didsbury Library offers a wonderful community space and a wealth of knowledge. It is great place to explore literature and learn about new things.

There are so many reasons to love Didsbury and its lively, popular, entertaining characteristics. We have completed several garden renovation projects, involving natural looking artificial grass, in Didsbury. We are always thrilled and captivated by its beauty whenever we return. An example of some artificial grass installations in Didsbury can be seen below. The owners of the property were thrilled with the outcome.

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