Location: Bramhall

Location: Bramhall

Providing artificial grass in Bramhall for 20 years.

A particular issue in the suburb of Bramhall is the clay sub soil, causing the actual ground to become incredibly boggy.  If you add the additional impact of the falling leaves from the many gorgeous trees in the area, then you have a natural pincer movement formed from both above and below. In these conditions it is hard for grass to actually grow at all, with a covering of fallen leaves obstructing natural sunlight.  Factor in the clay subsoil and the damp North West climate and you’ll find that what does naturally form is more often likely to be moss… rather than healthy, verdant grass.

One such large Bramhall garden featured a particular area with many trees.  Because the water-logging described above is indeed what happened in this case, the homeowner found that despite the temptation to children, for large parts of the year he had to stop them from even venturing into this part of the garden: it was simply too mossy, and slippery, for them to play. What this Bramhall garden was calling out for was artificial grass.  Firstly, Cheshire Artificial Grass engineers took away what natural grass there was, in this area of the garden.

We then fitted a drainage system so that future water could easily drain away, rather than settling within the subsoil. A free-draining base for the grass was then installed, on which sat 35mm luxury, artificial grass. As a consequence of these works, this part of the garden is now fully drained and functional once again.  And because it is no longer muddy, or slippery, it is open for the children and their friends to play, all year round. It has even become something of an attraction.

Firstly, because the ground is now dry, a football area has been constructed for the children to enjoy a kick about.  Cheshire Artificial Grass engineers were also able to sink a trampoline into the ground when laying the base.  And finally, the owner himself built a tree house into one of the trees. The garden has truly been reclaimed, and returned to its rightful, youthful owners… for their play.

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