Are Fake Lawns the Answer to your Dead Grass?
Photo of a graphic with the title of are fake lawns the answer to your dead grass?

Fix your dead grass problem with artificial grass!

Pop Quiz… Which of the following have you experienced in a heatwave? 

  1. Overheating home. 
  2. Red weather warnings.
  3. Constant sweating.
  4. Failing infrastructure.
  5. Dead lawns wherever you look.

If you answered yes to one or all of these, then the chances are you live in the UK. The scorching sun doesn’t suit our country well; it makes travelling difficult, schools close their doors, and our lovely lawns dry up. Sadly, we can’t solve all of these issues, but when it comes to gardens and dead grass we’ve got you covered! What solutions are there to scorched grass after a British heatwave? Are fake lawns the answer? Well, we hope to shed some light on this in this post.

Why Does the UK Suffer in Extreme Heat?

With the climate in crisis, in recent years, we have seen some of the hottest summers on records. With dry spells, roasting temperatures and humid heat waves. We’ve had sum crazy summers, indulging in bucket loads of ice cream, being layered in sunscreen and rocking cool sunglasses… and it’s not over yet! However, the rise in temperature has alluded to one key issue…the UK isn’t as equipped for extreme weather as other countries are. Here are just some of the ways in which we struggle:

  1. Houses in the UK are built to retain heat, this is because of the typical British weather consisting of cold temperatures, rain and the occasional snowfall (which is another story altogether).   
  2. There is a lack of air conditioners in homes and workplaces, creating no escape from the heat for many. Even at night, which makes for some tired people the next day.
  3. Infrastructures struggle, trains are put to a stop due to buckling railway lines. Power lines overheat, increasing the amount of power cuts across the country. Tarmac starts to melt; causing stops to long distance journeys and even some flights. 
  4. With weeks of baking heat and very little rain, many homes and public spaces across the UK have been left with brown and lifeless lawns. 

These unpleasant after-effects of the red-hot weather are apparent all around, and the most long lasting of these issues would have to be the dead greenery surrounding people’s homes. 

If the Weather is Only Getting Hotter, are Fake Lawns the Answer to our Dead Grass?

One solution people have opted for is to invest in prominent, lively green, natural looking artificial lawns. Eradicating the need for the mower, these lawns require minimal care and look beautiful all year round. Cheshire Artificial Grass has seen a significant surge in enquiries and sales in contrast to previous years. We put this down to two key reasons; dreadful winter/spring weather and then a baking summer. The cold winters injure our lawns as the ground had been left with poor drainage and muddy spots due to use in wet and cold weather.

After having experienced this downfall of rain and icy temperatures, it has then been followed by a sweltering summer, leaving the ground parched with cracked mud, over-cooked grass and bare patches. This leaves the grass requiring loads of TLC, taking up lots of time, expensive grass seed and fertiliser. No matter how much love you put into your lawn, the results are slow, as an aftereffect, we have been flooded with many asking the question, are fake lawns the answer!

Well, Here is Our Opinion…

We may be biased; however, we believe artificial grass lawns are the future. Climate change is inevitable, and if you love your lawn then dryer summers and colder winters are going to vastly harm your garden… leading to a lot of work for you to keep it in check! Even if you don’t love your lawn, investing in your lawn is still something to consider.

Statistics show that well-kept gardens add as much as a 20% value to house prices. Affordable and hard-wearing artificial lawns may just be the answer with gardens looking immaculate and groomed every day. Artificial grass is laid to look so luxurious and natural looking it would be difficult to tell the difference from real grass (you can check out our blog on artificial grass vs natural grass here if you’re unsure).

Artificial grass is the top choice for homes, nurseries, hospitality and schools, as it offers better drainage and less muddy mess, allowing children & pets to spend more time actively playing outdoors.

On top of that, in 2022, we saw the driest July on record since 1984. The UK is at high risk of experiencing a drought YOY. Are fake lawns the answer to a drought? Yes, they may just be. Artificial lawns use a lot less water than real grass to maintain. That’s why it is suggested, in states like Nevada, to use fake grass to add areas of greenery to save water and fight against droughts. If the UK is now going to be experiencing more droughts then artificial grass can help keep areas looking nice and yet, preserve water.

Doesn’t Artificial Grass get Hot in the Summer?

A common concern from many is that, as artificial grass is a plastic product, so, doesn’t it heat up in these extreme heats? Well, the simple answer is – yes it does, but then so does paving, tarmac and natural turf. In comparison, there isn’t that much difference between the temperature that they can reach to other types of terrain, but that’s not to say that it isn’t an issue.

Families who have small children and/or pets may be worried about them in extreme weather and that is understandable. So to help calm your mind, we’ve got some top tips on how to stop artificial grass getting hot, that may just sway you that fake lawns are the answer to your problems.

3 Top Tips on How to Stop Artificial Grass Getting Hot.

There is no question about it, in extreme heat fake lawns will get hot. To help you get past this in the next heatwave we have compiled our top tips from our over 25 years experience in the industry. 

  1. Hose it down before every use – A simple yet effective method of regulating the temperature of your fake lawn is to hose the lawn down for 3-5mins before use. This will immediately reduce the temperature of the grass, allowing for you to use it to its full potential. Furthermore, with the porous base works and drainage holes, it won’t get waterlogged like your natural turf.
  2. Put an extra layer between you and the grass – It may seem like common sense but it is an age-old solution. Get a rug, towel or blanket and lay it over the area you want to sit in and then sit. This is a really good solution for any one with small children as it provides a certain space you can manage them in. 
  3. Prepare in advance – Most of the time weather reporters get it right so, keep your eye out for those days that are going to be scorching and get ready. To prevent areas of your lawn getting too hot you can put up a gazebo to keep it out of direct sunlight. This should keep it cooler all day and allow you to use it all summer long. 

So, are Fake Lawns the Answer…

In terms of having a perfect looking garden no matter what mother nature decided to throw at us, then yes it most certainly is. All the artificial grasses in our range are UV protected which means they won’t fade in the sunlight. The base work preparations, which we complete in our installation, helps provide better drainage, preventing your garden from becoming boggy in intense downfall of rain.

On top of that, due to the nature of fake grass, well, being fake, it won’t be affected by freezing temperatures that would normally cause damage to natural lawns. All in all, fake lawns won’t answer all your problems, but it will help create a space for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors more, come what may. 

From more information on artificial lawns, or to get the ball rolling on your very own garden project. Get in touch with our team today, or give us a call on 01625 860 601. And check out some landscaping ideas to help with the decision process of creating your new dream garden.