Are Artificial Lawns the Answer to the Pain in Your Grass?

This year we’ve had the good fortune of experiencing the hottest summer in ages, with dry spells, roasting temperatures and humid heatwaves. A memorable Summer indulging in bucket loads of ice cream, being layered in sunscreen and rocking cool sunglasses. As nostalgia sets in we’re quickly reminded of the unpleasant after-effects, the scorching summer has been detrimental to our cherished gardens. With weeks of baking heat, little rain and an essential hosepipe ban, many have been left with brown and lifeless lawns affecting the overall appearance of their homes.

As a result, there’s been a noteworthy rise in the number of people opting for prominent, lively-green, natural-looking artificial lawns. Eradicating the need for the mower, these require minimal care and look beautiful all year round. CAG has seen a significant surge in enquiries and sales in contrast to previous years. We put this down to two key reasons; 2017’s dreadful winter weather had injured lawns; the ground had been left with poor drainage and muddy spots instead of natural grass. Having experienced a terrible winter this was followed by a sweltering summer, leaving the ground parched with cracked mud, over-cooked grass and bare patches.  As the grasses required TLC, heaps of time, expensive grass seed and fertiliser with slow results, CAG was flooded with as many as 34 enquiries in a day!

There’s a common misconception among the public that artificial grass lawns are for youngsters with little time to tend to gardens and adults with minimal knowledge and interest in gardening. This is a myth, we have installed and transformed many gardens for the older generation too. These people have previously devoted precious time to weeding, mowing and feeding their lawns, and had been left disheartened by the effort that they had put into their gardens yet when the weather struck all their hard work was undone.

In comparison, artificial lawns deliver impeccably groomed grass that looks freshly cut and well-looked after day after day. Ideal for keen children to indulge in football games outside, in rain or shine, without the worry of damage to the grass and associated muddy chaos. Energetic dogs can explore outside, short of the owners having to fear their safety due to our pet-friendly grass option and the odour of dog urine affecting the lawns.

At CAG we believe artificial grass lawns are the future. As climate changes are inevitable, we can expect many more roasting and dry days in the summer, flooding and colder days in the winter vastly affecting our gardens. Statistics show that well-kept gardens add as much as a 20% value to house prices. Affordable and hard-wearing artificial lawns are the answer; with gardens looking immaculate and groomed every day. The artificial grass laid is so luxurious and natural looking it would be difficult to tell the difference from real grass. The top choice for nurseries and schools, artificial grass offers better drainage and less muddy-mess, allowing children to spend more time actively playing outdoors.