Does Artificial Grass Add Value to your Home?
Photo of graphic of a house with money bags, with the title does artificial grass add value to your home.

We get this question all the time “does artificial grass add value to my home?”

So, does artificial grass add value to your home?

Any homeowner out there will know adding value to your property is always a win, after all, who doesn’t want to sell a house and have some money left over after the whole process is completed? When looking to remodel your home or your garden, the chances are it will increase your properties value. However, when looking towards landscaping, does it make a difference to use artificial grass or natural turf? Artificial grass can add value to your home in a few different ways… Don’t worry! We will get into the nitty gritty of how soon.

If you’re looking at the differences between artificial and natural grass be sure to check out our blog on this.

Photo of a large garden that had artificial grass to add value to their home.

Does artificial grass really add value to my home?

Whether you are looking to do up your garden for yourselves, thinking about long-term investments, or simply looking to sell and want to get a few more pennies, improving your garden can be a great way to add value to your home. In-fact, a recent study from the Post Office says that homeowners can add an average of 77% to its value through a newly-landscaped garden. Ready to have your mind really blown… This Post Office Money study actually concluded that newly landscaped gardens – and refurbished kitchens – add the most value to your property. By investing just £2,750 on your garden, you could increase its value by a whopping 77% (i.e. taking a £250,000 property and turning it into a £442,500 property). 

On a side note – for any of you wondering – By spending £7,500 on fitting a new kitchen, the value you could add to your home is still a huge 26%! However, for a 3rd of that money you could potentially add 3x more… so, we think that speaks for itself.  

Landscaping your garden can be overwhelmingly beneficial, and investing in artificial grass could be a great way to increase the value of your home. However, there is the ultimate question of “will the buyers like it?”. Artificial grass may not be for everyone, and honestly, it is really just a matter of personal preference. As we mentioned earlier, there are some artificial grasses that look like the real deal, so much so, people are usually shocked they can get the look of natural grass without any of the work! Another thing to bear in mind is that a messy, unkempt garden can actually take from the value of your home. 

Photo of a garden before and after having a landscaped garden completed.

Okay, a new garden adds value… but how does an artificial grass add value to your home?

Firstly, it looks great… all of the time.

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t grow or discolour… meaning it looks great all of the time! You will have a photo ready garden 24/7. It’s always going to look fresh, so no need to worry if potential buyers are viewing your property, because you’ll always have a picturesque garden – In turn, so will the buyers, and this adds value. We have all seen our fair share of messy, unkempt lawns and let’s be honest, the prospects of trying to tame some of these jungles can be overwhelming when moving into your new place. 

Another thing, the chances are when you have invested in some artificial grass, it has usually come alongside a full garden design, and there is nothing that finishes a property like a well designed garden… even if the house may need a little work. The advances in artificial grass design are extraordinary, and investing in one of our premier products means that your artificial turf could look as natural as natural lawn.. But better! 

It comes with fewer problems in the future…

By sprucing up your garden with our premium grasses such as Astbury 40mm pile and Natural 42mm pile, you can have a natural looking lawn without any of the upkeep – while also having fewer problems in the future. When getting your lawn done by professionals, the base work will be porous, allowing water to flow through, ensuring there are no waterlogged areas… which future proofs the garden and that itself, is an added value. 

It can transform any outdoor space…

Got a little patio that’s slightly worse for wear? Throw some artificial grass on there! As artificial grass can be laid on any surface, you can transform any outdoor space. Designing a small garden or revamping a paved outdoor space has never been easier. You can create a feature out of something that may have been distracting from the beauty of your home. By spicing up your outside area and providing a little bit of greenery to create an outdoor paradise, you are instantly adding value!

Close up photo of artificial grass installed into a garden.

How do I showcase my artificial lawn to prospective buyers…

Okay, so we mentioned that artificial grass may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but, it is very misunderstood and the benefits of artificial grass are so great, that there are a few sneaky tricks you can do in order to showcase your artificial lawn to prospective buyers. 

If you have pets… One of the most wonderful things about artificial grass is that you don’t get any discolouration or damage from your furry friends – with real grass, you do. This is a huge advantage in investing in artificial turf. If you have pets, popping a few chew toys on the lawn can help show this to any prospective buyers, backed up by you having a cute dog in your home. 

If you have children… As much as artificial grass is pet proof, it’s also child friendly – and child proof… You don’t get any patches from overplaying, no mud or sludge, kids can play in the garden again and again and it will still look perfect. This is another great selling point! If you have kids, maybe leave a ball in the garden, or something similar to showcase the durability of artificial grass to prospective buyers. 

Photo of a children's climbing frame on artificial grass in a garden.

If you’re selling in winter…  Artificial grass looks great all year round. With normal lawns, by the time the harsh winter months are in full swing, your grass may be dead, or on its way to be dead, leaving your garden looking a little glum.

With artificial grass, you will still have a lovely green garden, even after the rain, snow, frost and cold. If you’re showcasing your home during the winter months, make a feature out of the garden. Think fairy lights, up lighting, maybe some lighting in a tree. All these things will show prospective buyers that your artificial lawn looks beautiful all year round.

Some other really good ideas… Maybe it’s summer and you have no pets, or kids – that’s fine! You can still showcase your garden in some really incredible ways. The UK is prone to some reliable summer rain so the above sell-point still stands, and the sun can often dry out real lawns, so there’s still a massive advantage in having an artificial lawn.

That being said, spicing your garden up with some large potters with beautiful flowers can give prospective buyers a space that they can see themselves in. Just laying some grass won’t be enough, you need to make sure that anyone viewing your home can see themselves there, the same goes for your garden.

Creating a beautiful outdoor space can be done by adding some outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting and planters, all of which shows that life can thrive in your garden despite the grass being fake. Also, the grass won’t get ruined by you putting any of these items on it… Yet another big win. 

Ultimately, while it might not be everyone’s first choice, an artificial lawn has advantages that just cannot be ignored. Showcasing these advantages may help sway a buyer to see that your new, beautiful garden is a massive sell point, in lieu of the grass being artificial. 

Photo of artificial adding value to this home.

If you’re ready to make the change and invest in your garden; whether that be for you to enjoy, because you’re looking to sell, or you just want to increase the value of your home, artificial grass is a great way to go! 

Take a look at our gallery and see just how great artificial grass can look. To find out further information on prices, or to find out more than just get in touch – we’re always happy to answer any questions.