Add Value to Your Home with an Artificial Grass Garden

Are you thinking of selling your home soon? Maybe you are looking to enhance the sale price a little before you do? Or perhaps you are having difficulty selling your home in the current housing climate?

The answer to all of these problems (and many more besides), is to have artificial turf installed at your home. Artificial grass allows homeowners to sell their properties more easily and at higher prices.

Unkempt gardens are a big turn off to property buyers

increase house sale price with garden Anyone who has bought a house before will know that little issues can really put you off. A caravan in the next door garden for example, or an untidy kitchen can instantly sink a potential sale.

Just like damp stains and bad smells a messy, unkempt garden could send potential buyers back to the estate agents.

On the other hand, a clean and smart looking garden can convince buyers who are teetering on the fence. People buy homes, not houses – so it’s important that you help them picture themselves living there. And the garden is a great place to do this.

Lay out some children’s toys or set up a barbeque and potential buyers will envision long days spent watching the children play, or all of their friends gathered round for a summer time cook out.

And it’s zero maintenance

Estate agents will tell you that elaborately planted gardens will normally provoke polite smiles and a feigned interest from buyers. But deep down, these buyers are silently totting up the man hours needed to maintain the gardens.

An hour mowing the grass, an hour tending the flowerbeds – before long they imagine the whole weekend gone, spent managing their huge garden.

With an artificial lawn you let your buyers gaze out over a perfectly groomed garden – before promising them entire weekends free of back-breaking work – “and, it’s zero maintenance”.

Target older buyers and families

Artificial grass is perfect for targeting certain types of buyer. Older buyers in particular love the lack of maintenance and the clean open spaces offered by a synthetic lawn.

Experts deride a ‘chronic shortage’ of housing suitable for retired buyers, many of whom choose to downsize in their later years. Installing artificial turf will unlock a large market segment with relatively little competition.

Synthetic turf also appeals to families, another large market segment. Families, particularly those with young children and pets love the idea of large open gardens that can be used all year

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