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At Cheshire Artificial Grass, we pride ourselves on providing premium products using only the highest quality materials, to create the perfect finish for your new space. Not only do we have a well researched premium artificial grass range (one of the best in the UK). The range of accessories that we use to create your perfect space is unmatched.

We ensure we are always working on our whole range of products to ensure the highest quality installs for our customers. In addition, any landscapers that use us, know they are getting the best. That’s why, unlike most companies, we are using this page to showcase all of our install accessories.

To see all of our install products scroll below and also be sure to check out our amazing range of grass products.

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Recycled Composite



310ml Tube







Weed proof Membrane

Landscaping Membrane

Shock Pad

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Stanley Knife

Adhesive Mixer

Caulking Gun

Artificial Grass Cleaner

Carpet Kicker

Notched Glue Trowel

Golf Fairway Mat

Be confident in your Choice of install accessories

Lets see how you know what you might need. For example composite vs timber edging, 200mm vs 300mm wide joining tape. With many variations, what is best for your job? We have compared some of the most common this or that’s below.

Composite vs Timber Edging

Timber and composite edging are both 2” x 1” which is around 20mm x 50mm. Timber lengths are 3.6m long, whereas composite lengths are 3m long, which you need to bear in mind to work out how much you need. 

The timber edging is a class 4 rough-sawn and is “treated for ground contact”. This type of timber is treated and designed to be used outdoors to resist rot.

However, in reality, even though the treatment slows it, when its been in the ground over the years it may still rot away.

The composite edging is made from 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. It is stronger and denser than timber. Will hold a screw stronger than timber. Composite edging will last indefinitely in the ground so is the longest-lasting edging option. Its also flexible so you can edge in curves to fit the garden/areas shape.

200mm vs 300mm wide tape

200mm wide is the standard width tape used for artificial grass installations. This is laid up the middle of the join 100mm on either side. It must be laid green side down, the green side is damp resistant to stop moisture from seeping into the glue from the ground. The 300mm is the same tape just wider so there’s greater glue coverage and therefore a stronger join. 300m tape is used for sports installations for slightly stronger joins as the areas are used at a higher intensity. 

Glue tubes vs glue tubs

Glue tubes fit into a standard caulking gun and are the easiest to use. They can be spread down the tape in a zig zag or troweled into ribs. This is the easiest for DIYers and landscapers. One glue tube will do 2-3m, great for short joins and repairs.

Glue tubs are not mixed where as the glue tubes are pre mixed inside the tube. The tubs require a hardener to be mixed in thoroughly before use which activates the glue. The glue tubs are stronger as its activated before use whereas the glue tubes are pre-mixed so the glue is slowly going off and getting weaker in the tube over time. the glue is poured onto the tape and troweled into thick ribs to give greater adhesion to the grass backing. Overall much better but not quite as easy and convenient as glue tubes. You would always use glue tubs on sports installs but we use them on all of our own installations.

U pins/Nails or Edging 

U pins/nails are hit into the ground around the perimeter to secure the grass down for those who don’t want to/cant edge around the perimeter. It will hold the grass down in place but its not the best option for securing the grass.  You cant do it right at the edge of the grass so it doesn’t leave a clean finish at the edge of the grass. When using u pins or nails it punctures through the weedproof membrane so may cause issues further down the line 

The best fixing option for artificial grass is to screw the grass into an edging around the perimeter. it gives the best finish and allows you to hide the backing of the grass by setting the edging lower. screws are much more secure than nails which can be pulled out. If the grass ever needs taking up it can be unscrewed and screwed back down afterwards. our screws are green to hide amongst the grass fibres. It also doesn’t compromise the membrane underneath. 

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